Fox News reporter ‘absolutely sick’ over friends and family stuck in Afghanistan

For many, it was — and still is — difficult to register the fact that the U.S. government, under President Joe Biden, literally left American citizens stranded in Afghanistan as the final U.S. troops were pulled out last week as the Taliban claimed complete control over the war-torn country.

According to People, that was an especially painful and difficult pill to swallow for Pakistan-born Fox News congressional correspondent Aishah Hasnie, who revealed that she has a number of friends and family still in the country as they struggle to hide from Taliban terrorists who are actively hunting people down. 

Countless horrific stories have emerged in the days since the Taliban took control, including a recent event, according to Hasnie, which involved a relative of one of her friends in Afghanistan who was captured by the Taliban and shot dead in the street on his way to work.

“It’s just a God awful situation,” Hasnie said.

Given her high-profile status at Fox News, Hasnie told People that many of those friends and family members stuck in the Taliban-controlled country are reaching out and begging her for help to get out.

“Can you connect me with this person? Do you know anyone at the State Department, do you know anyone Pentagon?” Hasnie said were some of the common requests she receives.

“I feel absolutely sick to my stomach because I feel like I can’t do anything,” the Fox News reporter added.

For those who now want to escape, the options are limited, or virtually non-existent. Hasnie said that alternative routes exist, which was likely in reference to escaping the country via vehicle at the border, but even that option carries the great danger of being captured and killed by Taliban forces.

Unfortunately for those still stuck in Afghanistan with no way out, their only hope seems to be in the hands of Biden’s State Department, which has recently admitted that it’s counting on the Taliban to hold up their end of the bargain in order to make that happen. To many, that’s nothing more than fantasy.