Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo suggests Michelle Obama could be an ‘Oprah in waiting’

There has long been speculation about which direction former first lady Michelle Obama may choose to take her career in the coming years, and Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo suggested on Friday that he may have an inkling about her future plans.

Arroyo pointed to Mrs. Obama’s recent appearance on the Rachael Ray Show and noted that in his estimation, she looked “very much like a daytime talk-show host.”

According to the frequent commentator on the Ingraham Angle, during the television appearance with Ray, the former first lady seemed to take the helm of the program, asking questions of the host rather than answering them herself, specifically inquiring about work-from-home challenges experienced during the pandemic.

In querying Ray, Obama said, “You were in the position to have to…recreate a production studio in your home and let people in. Talk a little bit more about what that was like for you,” sparking Arroyo’s hunch that she may be honing her talk show interviewing skills as something of an “Oprah in waiting.”

Perhaps adding fuel to the fire of Arroyo’s prognostication was Mrs. Obama’s recent guest appearance on an installment of the ABC situation comedy Black-ish in its eighth and final season.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Obama plays herself in the episode, and in announcing her star turn on social media back in October, she declared, “I’ve long been a fan of Black-ish‘s wit and all-around brilliance.”

Michelle Obama and her husband, former President Barack Obama, have been active in other media endeavors since leaving the White House, having signed a multi-year deal with Netflix to develop series and feature films under the auspices of their own company, Higher Ground Productions.

The former first lady has also achieved success as an author, with her 2018 memoir, Becoming, racking up sales that put in league with some of the top-selling memoirs of all time, according to Fortune.

There are many on the political left who have long held out hope that Mrs. Obama might consider seeking the Oval Office in her own right, and while she has previously declared there to be “zero chance” that she would seek that kind of limelight, Arroyo may be correct that she is not planning to fade from public view anytime soon.