Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo drags Biden administration over recent failures

During a guest host appearance on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, host Raymond Arroyo pointed out that President Joe Biden and his administration are seemingly focused on demonizing parents, children, and families in general. 

“It’s now clear that parents, children and families have become the real targets for this Administration,” Arroyo said, before launching into the latest ridiculous moves made by the Biden administration, including the rollback of a Trump-era policy that banned federal funding for clinics that refer patients for abortions.

Arroyo went on to point out that within the language of the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending package are changes that will reportedly more than double “the [earned income tax credit’s] marriage penalty for childless workers, giving eligible couples a compelling reason to avoid tying the knot,” Arroyo quoted.

“The proposed changes… threaten to substantially increase the breadth and depth of marriage penalties for families with children as well,” Arroyo continued in his quote.

Arroyo added: “Aren’t strong marriages and families in the nation’s interest?  Not according to this bill. Biden used to stand for families and was far from being an abortion extremist.”

The Fox News guest host went on to point out a number of other issues, including the recent push by Biden’s DOJ to demonize parents who question school boards as “domestic terrorists,” as Fox News previously reported.

Lastly, Arroyo held nothing back as he went after Biden and his handlers for what he labeled “Mr. Biden’s Neighborhood,” which was a reference to the fake White House set, located in an entirely different building, where Biden has already given several briefings.

Arroyo believes that Biden’s handlers have transitioned to using the fake set in order to keep press questions — which Biden is fully unequipped to answer on his own — at a minimum.

“You see: in this setting, reporters become spectators in the dark, who are forced to watch these little stage shows from the orchestra. Unlike an east room ceremony or an Oval office spray, the press won’t dare yell questions and disrupt the production before them,” Arroyo said.