Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo calls Michelle Obama ‘an Oprah in waiting’ after talk show appearance

After leaving the White House back in 2017, former first lady Michelle Obama has been the topic of much speculation with regard to where her career might take her next, and Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo feels that one path looks increasingly possible.

A frequent presence on the network’s Ingraham Angle, Arroyo is known for his jocular takes on cultural interest stories of the day, and during his Friday appearance, he pointedly noted that Mrs. Obama’s recent guest turn on the Rachael Ray Show made her look “very much like a daytime talk-show host” in the making.

Though she was meant to be on the receiving end of the questioning, Obama instead turned the tables somewhat and began asking Ray about what working from home and filming shows during the pandemic was like and how she navigated the challenges those tasks posed.

Obama remarked to Ray, “You were in the position to have to…recreate a production studio in your home and let people in. Talk a little bit more about what that was like for you,” a line of inquiry that prompted Arroyo to suggest that the former first lady came across as an “Oprah in waiting.”

Perhaps bolstering Arroyo’s hunch that Obama rather enjoys being in front of the camera in new and different ways is the fact that she will soon make a highly-touted guest appearance in an episode of ABC situation comedy program Black-ish.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Obama plays herself in an upcoming installment of the long-running show, a production she has praised on social media for what she called its “wit and all-around brilliance.”

Any future foray by Mrs. Obama into the world of television as a talk show host would not be completely out of left field, given that she and her husband, former President Barack Obama, have had heavy involvement in the media industry of late via their multi-year contract with Netflix to produce series and films through their own company, Higher Ground Productions.

Should Mrs. Obama decide to follow in her friend Oprah Winfrey’s footsteps and dip her toe in the daytime talk waters, her appeal to large swaths of the population seems assured, given that her 2018 autobiographical work, Becoming, achieved best-seller status and remains among the most widely-purchased memoirs on record, according to Fortune.

Despite the hopes of legions of liberals that she might mount a campaign for the White House herself someday, Obama has declared there to be “zero chance” of such an outcome, but if Arroyo is correct, she may still reinvent herself in such a way as to satisfy her devoted fan base just the same.