Fox News Radio host sustained a blow to the head and memory loss after a golfing accident

Conservative radio host Erick Erickson had a wild story to share with his fans on Wednesday, telling about what caused him to sustain a head injury that caused partial amnesia, according to Mediaite

According to the Fox host, he received a set of Parsons Xtreme golf clubs this Christmas this year and when he took his son to the driving range to try them, he got too close to the boy and was knocked in the head:

“Boy have I got a story for y’all. Some of you got weird texts and DMs from me yesterday until my phone was taken away. Here now, the story,” Ericson said in a series of tweets on Wednesday.

“I got a set of @pxg clubs for Christmas. I took my son to the driving range yesterday. From there, my memory kinda breaks down. I was helping my 13yo with his swing and stood behind him, but too far forward. He took a 2″ divet out of my scalp on the forward swing.

“The last thing I remember is my ears ringing and my mouth tasting like metal. Allegedly, I drove us home fully coherent with blood streaming down my face. I cleaned myself up and rapidly started making no sense.I woke up last night in bed and assumed I was still fighting the stomach bug from two weeks ago or had had a bit more bourbon than I should have two nights ago. Nope. I spent all yesterday in the hospital getting scanned, stitched, etc. I have zero memory of any of it.

“The craziest damn thing is that I found text messages to some friends. I had sent them messages. Then I found the messages I sent where I said I had no memory of sending them the first message. And I have ZERO memory of sending them the second message either.

“At this point, I distinctly remember getting hit. I remember arguing with the nurse at the hospital that I couldn’t get a CAT scan because my wife doesn’t want any cats in the house. That’s all I remember.

“My wife says the PA came in and said, ‘Oh, it’s that asshole from radio’ followed by “Let’s go Brandon” and he listens every day. Two of the nurses too are fans apparently. I don’t remember any of this. Apparently, there were several instances I woke up in the hospital and didn’t understand why I was in the hospital. I spoke completely coherently about my new golf clubs but struggled to remember my name and birthday.

“Brains are weird. My son tells me I was hitting the @pxg clubs amazingly. I found a picture I posted on Instagram of being on the driving range. I don’t remember any of that. Mostly better today. Still can’t really remember yesterday though. No fracture, no bleeding, no swelling.”