Fox News purposely keeping Donald Trump off the network: Report

Fox News might be in for a reckoning if the latest reports concerning the network’s treatment of former President Donald Trump are even remotely accurate.

In an alarming report from The New York Times, Trump hasn’t been seen on the network for some 100 days — a drastic change, as the former president was often a frequent guest on several primetime Fox shows.

But it’s the reason why he hasn’t been on the network that’s most alarming. Allegedly, it’s because the executives at Fox, namely Rupert Murdoch, are pushing Trump aside so as to downplay his role in being the face of the Republican Party.

“The network, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch and boosted Mr. Trump’s ascension from real estate developer and reality television star to the White House, is now often bypassing him in favor of showcasing other Republicans,” the Times wrote.

It added: “In the former president’s view, according to two people who have spoken to him recently, Fox’s ignoring him is an affront far worse than running stories and commentary that he has complained are ‘too negative.’ The network is effectively displacing him from his favorite spot: the center of the news cycle.”

The outlet noted that the decision to suppress Trump’s appearances on the network came from “the highest levels” at the network.

“Earlier this month, the Murdoch-owned newspapers the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal published harsh rebukes of Trump’s actions regarding Jan. 6 while strongly opposing a Trump bid for president in 2024,” Newsmax reported.

Allegedly, Murdoch and his son, among other top Fox brass, are unhappy that the 45th president still refuses to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election.