Fox News’ Pete Hegseth: End of mask mandate in NJ is a cynical Democrat ploy

Amid news that Democrat New Jersey Gov. Phil Murhpy decided to end school mask mandates in his state, Fox News’ Pete Hegseth offered an ulfiltered take on the politician’s true motivation, opining that it likely had far more to do with electoral strategy than with science.

During a Monday appearance on The Faulkner Focus, Hegseth weighed in on Murphy’s move, expressing skepticism about the notion that the governor has seen sense regarding what increasingly appears to be the futility of masking as a means of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

“The reason Phil Murphy is getting rid of that mandate is not because he’s suddenly following the science. The science tells him it’s OK. We’ve known that for a year,” Hegseth began.

The outspoken network personality continued, saying, “…he’s doing it because, and you’re going to hear more and more of this, Democrats are worried about the midterms, their majorities in the House and the Senate.”

Explaining that Murphy and other Democrat leaders like him are simply reading the political tea leaves with November in mind, Hegseth added, “Joe Biden promised a return to normal, and you’re going to see governors and others attempt to create that return to normal not because of science, but because of politics.”

Murphy, in Hegseth’s estimation, is essentially saying, “to you, the masses, here’s your crumbs. Take off the mask to now elect us again,” and he will likely be joined more of his liberal colleagues as Fall’s electoral contests draw nearer.

Indeed, Hegseth’s theory about the rationale behind an increasing number of Democrats’ turnabouts on masking appears to be a valid one, as the leaders of blue states such as Delaware, Connecticut, and Oregon have also just announced end dates for their mask rules, as NPR noted on Monday.

Democrat Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont evinced a heretofore rare confidence in the citizenry’s ability to assume responsibility for their own well-being, saying, “Today, with boosters, given vaccines, given the N95 masks, you are in a better position to keep yourself safe,” and therefore, iron-fisted mandates could be dropped.

While it would certainly be nice for the COVID authoritarians on the left to offer a full-throated mea culpa to the American people and acknowledge the tragic errors and encroachments of the past two years, it seems likely that Hegseth’s suspicions are in fact correct, and this newfound respect for personal liberty is a cynical political gambit and nothing more.