Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo leaves the studio to tour the southern border

Vice President Kamala Harris still hasn’t found the time to visit the southern U.S. border as the immigration crisis continues to escalate, but luckily for concerned Americans, there are a handful of mainstream media journalists willing to get their hands dirty in order to get the real story of what’s happening down there.

According to Fox News, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo of “Mornings with Maria” recently took an extensive tour of the southern U.S. border, spending part of the time with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and delivered an on-the-ground, first-hand look at just how shockingly bad the situation has become in the short time that President Joe Biden has been in the White House.

A portion of Bartiromo’s tour, via Blackhawk helicopter, was aired on Sunday morning. The two flew over the overflowing migrant holding facility in Donna, Texas, and talked about how quickly the situation is worsening and what it means for America.

A few days prior to her helicopter tour with the Texas governor, Bartiromo took a tour on the ground near Texas’ border with Mexico, where she reported a number of “harrowing” sights.

“When we ran into that first group [of migrants]… they were so afraid to discuss who they were with. They’ve been told ‘when you get stopped, do not mention the groups that brought you here. Don’t tell them you were with anyone,'” Bartiromo said.

She went on to describe the conditions she witnessed on the ground, including a “ton of garbage,” including clothing items and other personal effects that are left behind as smugglers sneak groups of illegals into the country. She also described why she saw so many bracelets scattered everywhere.

“You get a bracelet and that will tell people what group you’re with, what smuggling group you with. It will tell them if you’re paid up or not. And then when once people get into America, they get to Texas and they take the bracelet off, they throw it on the floor,” the Fox Business host said.

Only time will tell how much worse the immigration crisis will become under Biden’s administration, but given that they still refuse to label the situation as a “crisis” essentially tells us everything we need to know as far as how serious they’re taking it.