Fox News loses it’s #1 cable status to CNN

If Rupert Murdoch wants to save Fox News, he better right the ship quickly.

Vox reports:

For the first time in 20 years, Fox News can no longer say it’s the top-rated cable news network. In fact, from Election Day through Biden’s inauguration, Fox not only didn’t finish on top — it also finished behind both CNN and MSNBC in total viewers.

Inauguration day was particularly bad for Fox.

Vox, which is a vicious liberal rag, knows what’s wrong with Fox, and, broken clock-like, they’re surprisingly accurate.  They say “it’s not a coincidence that Fox News’s ratings decline coincided with the disappearance of Trump’s Twitter account, which the former president used relentlessly to promote his favorite Fox opinion hosts and denigrate their competition. And now, without the backing of one of its most influential fans, the network has been left to chart its way through an uncertain future.”

“Fox is a third-place network at this very moment. And that’s something that they are not used to and have not been used to since they started in ’96,” he added. “From basically the end of the Clinton impeachment onward, they have been the No. 1 network, and it’s something they’re used to touting and rubbing in the face of CNN and MSNBC. Inside, there’s a lot of turmoil on that.”

Fox bit the hand that fed them. Now, they’re suffering the consequences.