Fox News’ Katie Pavlich slams VP Harris for laughing off immigration crisis questions

It’s difficult to imagine that it’s even possible, but the crisis at the southern U.S. border continues to spiral out of control, even with Vice President Kamala Harris now officially in charge of handling it.

According to Fox News, Harris is taking increased criticism by some in the media, including host Katie Pavlich, for her bizarre, seemingly automatic reflex of laughing off questions she receives about the dangerous situation. Pavlich blasted Harris for laughing off a recent question about migrant children receiving in-person schooling in San Diego.

“I don’t understand what she thinks is funny,” Pavlich said on Tuesday in a Fox News segment. “American parents are getting screwed. Their kids are falling behind and the very people Democrats claim to be standing up for, minority students, aren’t getting an education and aren’t going to be able to compete with their peers in the United States.”

She went on to raise the question as to why none of Harris’ staffers seem to have the fortitude to inform the vice president that laughing at every question concerning the immigration crisis only makes her look out of touch and grossly incompetent.

Pavlich also suggested that Democrats could be looking the other way while thousands of illegal immigrants pour across the border in order to set up a future political push for another act similar to the Dreamer Act and DACA.

According to Politico, last week when Biden made Harris the point person on the border crisis, he praised her leadership ability and essentially said she was the best person for the job.

“I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this,” Biden said at the time.

So far, however, it appears as if Harris was handed a grenade that continues to cook, with an explosion coming in the near future. Border facilities that are housing the extreme influx in unaccompanied minors are being heavily scrutinized — even by the typically Biden administration-friendly mainstream media.

Only time will tell if Harris is able to affect any meaningful change in the border crisis situation, but as long as she continues to cackle her way out of questions on the issue, the immigration crisis will continue to worsen before it’s ever back under control.

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  1. Even if biden and harris were kicked out of office the replacement, pelosi and schumer would be an even more horrific threat. Come on 2022 so we can get rid of the pelosi threat and hopefully the end of ignorant AOC who is giving bar tenders a bad reputation. Will those republicans, who hopefully still have a set, get noisy and stop begging for money and start earning the millions they have already received.

  2. I know that the Democrats are having the huge influx of immigrants come here so they will “vote for them” in next election…BUT…THEY HAD BETTER BECOME “CITIZENS” of America before they can do that….If they are allowed to vote otherwise, there will be a Civil War here in America!! TAKE NOTE PRES. BIDEN & V.PRES. HARRIS!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  3. First – There is no leadership in the Capitol…They are ignorant mindless people just like Hyena Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, waters, AOC, etc. Too bad the swamp allows this.

    1. America needs better than present Leadership in The White House. These Democrats are out of Control like no other time in Our History. We need younger Folks in these trying times in our Nation. Maybe they would have a better way of doing things. ?????

  4. Why don’t we start with the basic problem, American people are fed up with the lack of leadership in Washington. The integrity which America was build on leave alot to be desired. The only thing American people want is to be told the truth not a bunch of untruth. This pointing fingers has to stop and it has to stop with the leadership of our public officials put on your big boy pants and start leading. Very basic

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