Fox News is losing to CNN, ‘the worst network in TV history’

It doesn’t pay to sell out your loyal fans.

Don Surber analyzed the numbers on his blog and found that “Tuesday night saw Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham finish[ed] in the top 5 of all cable TV shows as conservatives stand by them. But the rest of the Fox News schedule trailed. CNN held 12 of the top 17 shows on cable all day, according to Show Buzz Daily. That meant from noon to midnight, no CNN show was out of the top 17 — out of all shows on cable.”

“A week after spiking the ball for Biden, Fox is losing to the worst network in TV history.”


It doesn’t look like Fox is learning any lessons though. Just days after shutting down Judge Jeanine Pirro’s popular show, temporarily at least, Fox is confirming that conservative investigative reporter John Solomon is no longer a contributor at the network.

Meanwhile, competitors like OANN and Newsmax are growing by leaps and bounds. Outside of the three opinion shows, Ingraham, Carlson and Hannity, Fox doesn’t have much to offer conservatives.

Donald Trump said it best: