Fox News’ Howard Kurtz blasts network colleague Geraldo Rivera over vaccine ‘shaming’

Amid concern over the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19, liberals pundits are attempting to assign blame — and unmitigated scorn — to unvaccinated Americans, but on Sunday, Fox News’ Howard Kurtz slammed personalities such as network colleague Geraldo Rivera for “shaming” those who have chosen not to take the jab, as Mediate reports.

During this past weekend’s installment of his MediaBuzz program, Kurtz blasted commentators for denouncing those who are skeptical about the coronavirus vaccines and suggested that such rhetoric is utterly counterproductive to the supposed goals of those issuing it.

“I knew it. I knew from the moment that CNN’s Don Lemon denounced unvaccinated Americans for their idiotic behavior that we were headed into a surge of anger against those who haven’t gotten the shots,” Kurtz said at the show’s open, then lamenting the fact that the “rising resentment against the vaccinated” seen in recent days is “driven by the pundits.”

Kurtz singled out a series of left-leaning media personalities for contributing to this trend, including Fox News’ own Geraldo Rivera, who launched into an angry tirade against the unvaccinated last week on The Five in which he proclaimed, “If you are unvaccinated, you are an arrogant, selfish SOB,” according to the New York Daily News.

Rivera proceeded to argue that anyone who is unwilling to receive a coronavirus vaccine must agree to regular testing and should fully expect to be shunned to margins of society until they do, much to the agitation of co-host Greg Gutfeld, who accused him of having no evidence “that people were walking around willy-nilly spreading the diesease.”

In issuing his rebuke of Rivera as well as commentator Piers Morgan and even President Joe Biden for remarks made about unvaccinated Americans, Kurtz made it clear that he wants to see as many people receive the shots as possible, but that “ripping them and ridiculing them, slamming and shaming them isn’t going to work, it just ticks them off, and these piling-on pundits ought to know better.”

When guest Clarence Page suggested that there are a host of reasons why some Americans may not yet be immunized against COVID-19, such as a lack of access in certain communities, Kurtz reiterated his opposition to the current campaign of ostracization, saying, “I still think that yelling at them and shaming them is just precisely the wrong thing to do.”

Kurtz was not the only one to register outrage at Rivera’s commentary, with social media users also quick to express their disgust, as the Daily News further noted. Twitter user Gretchen Smith wrote, “Do you realize how many viewers you have lost on The Five because of Geraldo Rivera? Good luck with viewership. You lost mine none  months ago and this just solidifies it,” referencing the network’s controversial Election Night coverage.

Given that much of the mainstream media establishment has given itself over fully to the notion that Americans should no longer enjoy the freedom to determine what goes into their bodies, kudos to Kurtz for taking a stand on the side of liberty.