Fox News hires popular LA-based investigative journalist as national correspondent

Fox News has been on a hiring spree for the first part of 2021 and the streak continued with another big announcement on Monday.

According to a press release issued by Fox News, the cable news giant hired KTTV-TV (FOX) investigative reporter Bill Melugin as a national correspondent who will begin his new gig on May 3. Melugin is a popular journalist in the Los Angeles area, though he’ll be able to remain in the area as he’ll be based out of Fox News’ Los Angeles bureau.

Melugin tweeted out the big announcement to his followers on Monday, calling it bittersweet that he’ll leave his local journalistic roots, but expressed excitement to be called up to the big leagues.

Jay Wallace, president and executive editor of FOX News Media, heaped praise on the two-time Emmy-winning journalist, calling his investigative journalism skills “second to none” in a statement concerning the new hire.

“We are extremely proud to welcome Bill to the network. His investigative reporting skills are second to none, and he will be a great addition to our news team,” Wallace said.

In another statement concerning his new position, Melugin expressed his eagerness to begin his new role working alongside some of the top names in the news business.

“I am thrilled to be joining FNC as a national correspondent and look forward to working alongside their team of top journalists in shedding light on the most important stories of the day for viewers across the country,” Melugin was quoted as saying.

Melugin’s hiring comes in the wake of Fox News adding former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany to the ranks as a daytime co-host alongside anchor Harris Faulkner on “Outnumbered,” a highly-rated daytime program at the network.

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  1. Why is Juan Williams so critically important to Fox News ???
    His ignorance is appalling.
    He’s just a “RED-NECK” in dark skin.
    FOX NEWS is critically important to America.
    I love to watch it for conscience clarity of why I’m a Loyal American.
    Thank you, GOD, for giving Fox News a “Voice” !!!

  2. It doesn’t matter what you choose to watch as long as you are engaging in knowing the facts based on the truth and not someone’s opinion. Opinions and feelings are not good reasons for voting for someone. Voting based on facts, not feelings, always brings a much better result every time. Proof is in the last 2 elections that got us Obama and Biden, and no I don’t give a rats butt that Obama is Black as I could care less about his skin color. I only care about his and Biden’s ability to do what is right for America and the America citizens by keeping us safe and secure against any threat from foreign countries, terrorists and the anarchist within our own country as well as protecting our rights given to us by our Constitution. Start knowing the facts or don’t vote.

  3. Geraldo is still drawing maps in the sand for insurgents to follow. Is he the one that drew the line in the sand for Berry Sorta’s mt threat? Diagramming one’s threats in your own sand box sends such a powerful message to felines that are there to deposit their goods.

  4. Sure one minute Fox is liberal and the next minute Fox is conservative and when it comes to the nut cutting Fox has already there there nuts off and the public is sick of the games all media is playing for endorsements. They are no better than our rotten government.

  5. Chris Wallace was all it took for me to sign off of fox news no caps they are that small News Max

    1. I don’t understand. I listen to both cnn and fox and determine who is telling the trustworthy news. The left has been proven to tell selective editing interviews by eliminating portions. To me they lose creditability. You should still listen to both sides or you end up with a bias opinion. After all the false (fake) news that has been told us, I can only listen to so much, then I turn it off. We have to contact all our representatives and demand they follow our Constitution. Stay connected.

      1. Our Republican reps are outnumbered and have their hands tied . There are a lot of crats in all levels of government that need to be terminated.

  6. Good. Now fire Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera. Juan is impossibly stupid and willfully in denival. Geraldo is a race-baiting nut job.

    1. To McRant: I have to mute the sound as soon as Juan Williams opens his mouth. He is so stupid and completely disingenuous. Haven’t seen Geraldo so much.
      Fox have received so many complaints about Williams I’m surprised he’s still there – especially since Greg Guttfeld threatened to throw him off the stage!

        1. Juan and Donna are both freedom deniers! I really try to understand what they are saying, but it always ends up as propaganda for the leftists. No amount of intelligence or logical thinking pops out of either of their mouths. They are identical in their (supposed) views! Who needs them?

    2. Sounds like a plan. Should have been gone a long time ago. I change the station a lot because of Juan

    3. I agree they are both useless! The problem is race with Juan Williams he is a Democrat. Hence we are stuck listening to his catchphrase “In My Mind” & he is clueless.

      Geraldo Rivera should stay home no one cares what he says!!! Fox got themselves another winner !!!!!!!! He is your basic Mr. Know it All!

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