Fox News hires Mike Pompeo as a contributor

Fox News Network announced Thursday that they now employed former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a contributor, according to Fox

The former Trump administration official is going to be offering analysis across the Fox Network’s range of platforms, including Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network beginning on Friday during “Fox & Friends.”

“Mike Pompeo is one of America’s most recognized and respected voices on foreign policy and national security issues,” Fox News’ CEO Suzanne Scott said in a statement.

“I look forward to his contributions across our range of platforms to share his distinct perspective with our millions of viewers.”

Pompeo won his place in the hearts of conservatives with his common-sense way of not only dealing with diplomacy but conveying the administration’s policy to the world. 

“As a now former diplomat and member of Congress, and in this new role at Fox News Media, I intend to give viewers a candid, no-nonsense look at geopolitics, international relations and the America First policies that helped chart the course for unprecedented American prosperity and security,” Pompeo said according to Fox News. 

While his position as secretary of state made him a household name, Pompeo was hardly new to public service when he began with the Trump administration. 

According to Fox News, prior to his stint as Secretary of state from April 2018 to January 2021, he was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency where he was instrumental in historic negotiations with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.

Pompeo joins a plethora of former administration officials employed by cable news networks, including MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace who was White House Communications Director during the George W. Bush administration, and CNN’s Jim Sciutto and David Axelrod who served in the Obama administration.