Fox News guest says Capitol attack ‘straight out of ISIS playbook’

Tragedy struck in Washington, D.C. on Friday when Capitol Police officer William “Billy” Evans was killed by a man who crashed his car into a security barrier and emerged from the vehicle wielding a knife, and the way one cable news guest characterized the events has raised eyebrows.

During a phone interview on Fox News’ America Reports, retired NYPD detective Pat Brosnan opined that the attacker’s conduct was startlingly reminiscent of those conducted by adherents of ISIS, according to Mediaite.

Speaking with co-hosts John Roberts and Sandra Smith, Brosnan expressed disgust at what occurred outside the Capitol, saying, “We have another officer murdered in cold blood by an animal with a machete,” adding:

What you have here is straight out of the ISIS playbook. Straight out of the Inspire magazine. Smash a vehicle, exit with a knife or machete and stab as many folks as you can to inflict maximum casualties.

Taking quick action to try and temper that assessment, Roberts interjected, “Potentially straight out of the playbook, but so far nothing to indicate any kind of nexus to terrorism, Pat, according to Capitol Police who just briefed us.” With Smith jumping in to add, “And that’s obviously an important distinction to make.”

The identity of the suspect in the fatal attack — who was himself shot and killed by police —  has been revealed as that of 25-year-old Noah Green, a former high school football star who went on to play at Christopher Newport University, as USA Today noted.

In an apparent effort to paint a picture of a young man plagued by mental illness, the outlet quoted past friends of the suspect who claim that his psychological condition had grown concerning in recent months, with one describing how Green had accused roommates of drugging him and posted on Facebook about suffering from paranoia and depression as well as suicidal ideation. The Washington Post also published a lengthy piece describing Green’s ongoing descent into mental turmoil.

Equally of note, however, is Green’s self-declared allegiance to the Nation of Islam, which even the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center designates as a hate group that promotes anti-Semitic and other racist views. Green’s Facebook page featured videos of Nation of Islam rallies and identified Green as a “Follower of Farrakhan,” whom he said was akin to his “spiritual father,” according to Fox News.

Attempts by the mainstream media to immediately and uncritically explain Green’s attack as the sad consequence of untreated mental illness rather than a hate crime stand in stark contrast to the instantaneous rush – despite voluminous evidence to the contrary – to declare the recent massage parlor attacks in Atlanta as the work of an anti-Asian white supremacist.

While Brosnan’s ISIS claim may be a bridge too far, and Green could well have been a deeply troubled soul, the divergent media descriptions of the likely motivations behind these two incidents is frustrating, indeed.

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  1. The media wants to make everything political. The media needs to be reeducated. They have forgotten who they are.

  2. More likely this ”Noah Green” bozo is part of the left’s ”green new deal”, and illhan omar was probably married to him at one point

  3. It has already been determined that Mr Green was inspired by Muslims and had become a follower of Louis Farrakhan. Not surprised if he had ISIS information that led him to do this.

  4. Don’t worry keep praying GOD will take over very soon and the justice will be given fairly and justly. The end is near and it wont be too soon. The politital Devels trying to destroy what GOD has given us will not prevail. There is a special place in Hell for them and the Devel is holding the Gates open for the fake news and Polititans to go in.

  5. What would the little darlings on the left (sarcasm intended)prefer happen, that those two officers get slashed to death with a possible machete? Or how many other people in the surrounding area? These Dems have got to go! As for John Roberts and Sandra Smit those two Fox anchors, they’re as lefty as you can get. They sure were in a hurry to try and get Pat Brosnan to change what he was saying. To make it more PC I guess. Sad state of affairs.

  6. And how did Roberts and Smith defend Adolf Hitler again? The twenty million killed because of ‘global warming’? Wasn’t that their excuse. Fire them.

  7. The so-called, press, does their level best to make sure we only hear one side of each story. If Democrats were behind this there surely would have been a gun involved? Most certainly this was carried out by a Muslim extremist, whether he had help or not is unclear.- His friends and family knew he was flipping out but failed to act. Can”t blame the gun beaus there wasn’t one?

  8. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations

  9. These attacks are done by “sleepers” who have been programmed like robots to do these heinous things to scare the public into submission. Its like the ottomman generational system that puts explosives on their children and sacrifice them to their enemy. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  10. Your eyes are open, but you do not see! Your ears work, but you do not hear! Your soul is in deep slumber, and you cannot feel!
    WAKE UP!!!
    Are you capable of critical thinking? Do you even know what Agenda 21 really is? Do you know when it all began, and why? Are you a follower, or do you lead by example?
    Look around and listen to what is going on all around you each and every day. Listen to what the young ones are telling you, they aren’t lying! The mainstream media , that which you have been brought up on, is promoting it all around you. Do you have an attention span great enough to follow this all the way through as it is worth listening to. If any of this a lie? If so, prove it!
    Are you awake yet?

  11. More pastors need to kick the gestapo out of their churches. The Police or health department people have no right causing problems in a church of God.
    I support the men and women in blue, but they need to stay out of church business.
    Burn the masks and the vaccines.

  12. As for bidens dogs true democrats,crapping on whitehouse floor and biting the hand of the taxpsyers, since be we pay for their handlers and feed,vet,life. In my state, two bites lights out. And giving the breed a bad name, no different than a demonrats.

  13. Well, with open border, thanks to the idiot, we can expect ISIS and others to gain entrance. Iran said they have successfully entered our country with operatives. Expect some fireworks somewhere…don’t know where it will begin. We need Trump in charge….

    1. Bidens not capable of doing this type of damage. He’s fried useless. A puppet. It’s Nancy Chucky Aoc The Muslim The other 2 idiots. Someone wants to make this a communist controlled country. Watch out for Bernie

      1. The Dems mentioned are not only idiots, but headless – how come so many people world wide jump fences, dig holes, tunnels . . . anything to get out of the COMMUNISTS . . .YET MAINLY THE DEM COMMUNIST PARTY THINK THAT COMMUNISM IS GREAT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        1. Because all they care about is money and power in that order. Also they are running out of ideas to cheat in the elections so that the Republicans have finally caught on to their cheating lying ways they are stroking to be on how to pull off 2024. They know people are finally seeing their true America hating colors. They hate everything about this country and don’t deserve the air they breathe⁵

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