Fox News gives Greg Gutfeld his own late-night show competing with leftist comedians

Fox News announced Wednesday that host Greg Gutfeld is getting his own late night show, “Gutfeld!” beginning April 5.

The network began its plan to expand the popular host’s air time in February amid a downturn in ratings near the beginning of the year.

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott cited Gutfield’s “incredible success” when announcing the new show. As for the host, he attributes the success of his tongue-in-cheek style of political commentating to his willingness to break away from the pack and speak for himself.

“If you cannot tell the other late night (sic) shows apart, join the club. They’re as bland as string cheese and not nearly as appetizing,” Gutfeld said according to Fox.

“It’s the same jokes, the same assumptions, probably the same writers, all reading the same columns from the same hacks in the New York Times. So we aren’t going to be like them.

“If you want something different, that isn’t afraid to take a risk and call out hypocrisy on all sides, check out ‘Gutfeld!’ And if you don’t, no hard feelings. Although I will hate you forever,” he added.

Conservatives have been migrating away from the powerful network thanks to what many see as more leftist reporting. Newsweek reported the day after the Nov. 3 presidential election that conservatives were beginning to turn on the network.

Forbs confirmed just days after the election that the network’s multi-decade reign at the top of the leader boards was over. January 2021 saw the network’s ratings fall behind both CNN and MSNBC for the first time in nearly twenty years.

While Gutfield’s expanded airtime is no doubt well deserved and a long time in the works, the shakeup’s timing reinforces suspicions that the network is in trouble and needs a powerful remedy.

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  1. Finally, Fox is going to do something right. Greg Gutfeld is one of the best conservative voices on Fox. I will look forward to watching his program.

    1. Fire Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera. Williams is a total waste. No original thoughts. Repeats the ordered lines, same as CNN and MSNBC. All same puke. Rivera spent all of 2020 stabbing Trump in back but always started by saying he was his friend. As Geranamo told Custard when he said he was a friend: bull Shxx. This insult to Geranamo, he was a warrior. Rivera is a puxxy.**

      1. I’ve been expecting and waiting for this moment…..Greg is a winner.
        thoughtful, witty, well informed and deserving of his own show. Good move by FX

      2. Totally agree with you on letting Both Juan and Geraldo go, their sick in the mind! Just like Biden!! Get tired of Geraldo finding excuses for Illegals! Juan is a die hard DemonRat all the way! I remember his tears when Hillary lost! They will have to do far more to undo the damage they’ve done though! Go Conservative like you used to be for instance!


    1. So happy for Greg!! Late night TV is a waste of time. I just go to bed. They are NOT funny! Congrats Greg! Cant wait.

  2. Was always a big fox fan. Ever since CNN pushed Obama and Hilliary into office. Now that I have to watch such left wing ilk as Donna Brazille and her like , I have been watching a lot of onenews, and the other more conservative networks. Fox should realize a leftie isn’ t going to watch them no matter what, and conservatives who give a damn about this country are drifting to better content. Wake up and see what side of the aisle butters your bread Fox.

    1. Do you think Fox will ever get rid of Donna Brazille. I stopped watching as soon as she came on. As far as I’m concerned she is a corrupt individual just like her friend Hillary Clinton, that she gave the questions to during the rebate. I will never forget it. Fox has gotten rid of many good people for whatever reason but they keep Brazille. I like Gutfeld also.

  3. Congrats, Greg

    I watch The Five and love you on it. Can’t stand Juan. I will look forward to your new program. Fox used to be my only station. When they dumped Trump I went to Newsmax. But, I still watch the Five. Much success on your new endeavors! BTW. I painted Dana’s Jasper on an ornament for her and even contacted her on FB. But, she never responded with an address. I am an artist and I paint pets and people’s kids. I really am disappointed she never gave me an address to send it to. I don’t think anyone else does this since it has been my brainchild and my own techniques built up through the years. Anyway, I hope you tell her she missed out. Looking forward to your new show!

  4. Greg Gutfield is awesome and Fox news knows it, that’s why they’re looking to Greg to bail them out of their failed leadership.

  5. Alright Fox ! Way to go, between Tuckers new show and Gutfeld’s it’ll be a pleasure watching the Tube again.

  6. We’ll see what the brothers and Ryan let him get away with before I start cheering. Their past history shows they can’t be trusted.

  7. I don’t watch TV. My time is precious to me. But it’s good to know that someone is willing to be a voice of truth in a crooked world of lie brought out by social media.

  8. Finally we can watch a lite night show that will be interesting and a pleasure to stay up to watch,
    Thank you Fox news

  9. I really like his shows, he’s so funny! Congratulations on the new show, hope i can stay awake to watch them, LOL He has a good show, I watch it a lot now!

  10. Gut field is one of my favorite shows, but I don’t know if this will be enough to get me to watch FOX any longer. I now only watch two or three shows and one of them is Varney on Fox Business. When the idiots dropped Lou Dobbs I stopped watching Fox Business other than Varney. FOX is rapidly starting to smell bad like CNN..

    1. WE all LOVE him! But with the likes of lying ryan. brazille, the boys and their lefty wife s, its going down! Hey you that are still there and we watch find a station like OANN! Have real in field reporters and if its just an opinion, its stated as such! NOT bogas lies!

  11. GREG IS GREAT IN “The Five,” however, in his Saturday show, he is not as effective as on the 5 pm. Show. He should consider a script, rather than the add-lib scheme on Saturday’s.

  12. Watched Carson almost religiously. Leno and Letterman began the slide down to mediocrity. Absolutely have no use for these feeble third rate stand up “comedians” that populate late night today. Endlessly saying “Orange man bad!” is not funny. Protecting the senile imbecile in the white house now is not humorous. It is pathetic. Gutfeld has a great opportunity. Hope he knocks it out of the park!

  13. Sometimes the humor on Gutfeld’s weekend show is forced. But overall, when the lineup on The Five is shown, I find there is less reason to watch if Greg is absent. For the liberal open spot on The Five, Juan Williams should retire completely for being a dope, and when that known liar lezbo Donna Brazile is on, it’s enough of a reason not to watch at all.

  14. Greg is a smart fellow it is about time they gave him his own late night show.
    I stopped watching late shows after Johnny Carson the rest of them are a lot of
    far left a– holes.

  15. I love Greg but how long before he says something that Fox don’t like and they close him down? Until Fox gets rid of those horrid liberals they have hired, I still won’t be watching Fox. They didn’t give a rats behind how we conservatives felt about their hirings and recent leftist leanings so I don’t give a rats behind if Fox News totally tanks.

  16. Late-night “comedians” have not been funny or insightful for decades, just one big left-wing clown car spouting the same tired crap! Now, someone with a braind who is both funny & insightful, with a scathing wit to boot! This oughtta be good!

  17. I look forward to watching him because I can’t stand late night TV with the cronies we have now,I just hope he doesn’t make a left turn along the way

  18. Cant stand Fox on any level but I do wish Greg great success, however I wont watch fox because of what they did with the election and
    I am not going to go back just because they are now hiring some of the people who worked for President Trump They treated President Trump
    really auful and no more for me sorry greg.

  19. I hope he has skits like Carson had, soooo funny… and, bring in music, all kinds, what about octoberfest in the spring, shake things up. Who wouldn’t want to do the chicken dance in spring when the rooster is at his best!
    You go Greg!

  20. I got tired of ALL these fools always trashing President Trump for everything that he did even when it was a boon for the Country and Her People !!! Jimmy Pimple did nothing but make fun of President Trump as did Butthead Colbert !!! It got so bad that I couldn’t even stand to hear their voices coming out of my TV !!! So I just muted them until I found something else more intelligent to watch !!! President Trump WAS a Great President despite all of the negative crap that spewed forth from those fools mouths (only because they thought it made them more popular by going with the current crap that was being said) !!! Dead salmon go with the current while Live salmon fight against it !! I’d rather be a LIVE salmon !!! “God Bless America” Written by a disabled Veteran………

  21. Fox sold its soul. They have now become a double minded man and that can only end one way, conservatives lose, no matter who they add to try and placate the true conservative. Fox is dead and we need a new major king in this battle of the minds and hearts of the people. So far we have a few princes that do ok, but no king. Who will step up? (Having one maybe conservatives on a full lineup of moderate and liberal shows does not make the channel conservative. Its like saying i believe in the 2nd amendment but think guns should be banned and outlawed. It dont compute.)

  22. Thanks for greg and the 5….juan has been sewned with the dems propaganda machine and doesnt know how to
    think for himself…… can almost tell what,s coming out of his mouth but even. thats better than old sen Joe (double talking)
    Manchen who is wishy washee on just about everything …..I bet west virginia is really proud of him just as Kentucky
    is proud of mitch and utah ( I almost gagged thinking I voted for that clam)……..

  23. Hears the truth I will always say God bless America I will alway call family mom’s dad’s sister brother son’s daughter ant uncle cousin and I don’t care about house new ideas or Bidens or eny other person that thinks it’s is ok

  24. Rupert Murdoch’s loser libtard son runs FOX. Rupert must love him a lot to let him lose 40% of FOX viewers. Get rid of Brazile, Williams, and Chris Matthews.
    Love Gutfled, won’t ever miss a show.
    Although I am LITERALLY SHAKING with tears running down my face because I won’t ever have the thrill of watching Kimmel again. Not.

  25. It’s about time conservative will have a late night comedy show and I think Greg is the perfect choice for it. Thumb up Fox and thanks!

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