Fox News footage reveals stunning amounts of costly, unused border wall materials

In the wake of an announcement last week that the Biden administration would cancel existing border wall construction contracts, a report from Fox News’ Bill Melugin reveals stunning footage of massive amounts of the raw materials needed to build substantial expanses of barrier that will now go unused.

As the New York Post noted over the weekend, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security declared its intention to back out of all existing Trump-era contractual obligations for border wall construction in the U.S. Border Patrol’s overwhelmed Laredo and Rio Grande Valley Sectors.

Amid that decision, Melugin and the Fox Flight Team discovered that a staggering volume of wall components – enough to build more than 100 miles of barrier – continues to sit outdoors in the elements, as it has since Biden halted construction back in January.

According to drone footage captured in the area, approximately 10,000 steel panels are among the excess supplies that have been left to sit in the sun for most of this year, materials that amount to tens of millions of dollars already spent on a project that has now been scuttled.

Melugin lamented the indisputable waste piled up before him, saying, “Basically, it’s useless. We watch these migrants just walk around it all the time. It’s not doing anything, and the border agents are out here having to run around left and right as runners are constantly coming through.”

Compounding the shameful nature of the situation is the fact that, according to former Border Security chief Rodney Scott, who was pushed out of his job by Biden administration officials earlier this year, the president’s decision to pause wall construction was, for a period of time, actually costing taxpayers roughly $5 million for each day the barrier was not being built, as contractors were still owed for expenses related to idled workers and equipment.

Scott noted that there were “stacks and stacks” of panels as well as “hundreds of miles of fiber optic cabling, cameras…sitting there,” a fact which Melugin’s report supports with truly damning photographic proof.

The tragedy of the entire situation, as Melugin pointed out after speaking with law enforcement personnel in La Joya, Texas, is that “Border agents tell us they really need the wall here. They’re incredibly frustrated,” but as GOP Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) pointed out last week, when it comes to “Biden and his team,” it is “obvious that they do not want to stop illegal immigration.”