Fox News falls in line with big media, bashes covid treatment

Fox News is crushing the other networks in the ratings because they’ve been willing to be fair and balanced. But in a recent article on Joe Rogan’s covid diagnosis and treatment with the drug ivermectin, Fox adopted the mainstream line and bashed the treatment.

The article purports to be about Rogan’s diagnosis, but three paragraphs in, it pivots to a confused jumble of FDA warnings and legal boilerplate about the FDA not recommending the drug. For the next six paragraphs, the article bashes ivermectin.

That may be the way the bosses at Fox would like to cover the story, but some conservatives are concerned that the FDA’s rejection of the therapeutic benefit of ivermectin is premature. After all, the drug has been safely used in humans for decades, and the WHO is recommending the drug for use in clinical trials.

A recent meta-analysis of it’s use in treating covid showed widely positive data and many doctors in the US are prescribing it for off-label use. (Another study also found the same)

To top it off, the National Institutes of Health has designated ivermectin as an option for use in Covid-19 cases.

The hysteria of leftists who bash the treatment as “horse dewormer” is both unscientific and dangerous. So why is Fox playing into it?

Ivermectin may or may not be an effective therapeutic for Covid, but instead of making it about hysterical politics, we should follow the evidence. Fox, by seeking to silence a promising treatment, is acting as a disinformation channel like the rest of the media.