Fox News’ Chris Wallace ripped for interview with Justice Breyer

Progressives, including sitting members of Congress, have literally begged Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire while there’s still a chance for President Joe Biden to select a younger, liberal replacement for the high court.

On Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace interviewed Breyer and posed a number of questions to the justice concerning whether or not he’s considered the ramifications of not retiring while the conditions are favorable for a liberal replacement to be confirmed by the Democrat-led Senate. Many pointed out that it felt like Wallace — albeit subtly — was doing his best to encourage Breyer to step down.

Wallace pressed Breyer repeatedly on his decision to not retire for the current SCOTUS term, eventually bluntly asking the 83-year-old justice, “So, why didn’t you retire?”

“There are many factors, in fact, quite a few,” Breyer said. “And the role of court and so forth is one of them. And the situation, the institutional considerations are some. And I believe, I can’t say I take anything perfectly into account, but in my own mind, I think about those things.”

Breyer made clear that he has considered retirement, or at least pondered the many considerations that would go into such a monumental decision. He seemed to confirm he’ll eventually step down before he moves on to the next life.

“I don’t intend to die on the court. I don’t think I’ll be there forever,” Breyer told Wallace.

Fox News viewers, if social media is any indication, have largely been unhappy with Wallace during former President Donald Trump’s time in the White House, as Wallace was one of very few anchors at the network that challenged Trump on several occasions.

Wallace’s interview with Breyer clearly rubbed many of the network’s viewers the wrong way, as it appeared to them that Wallace was siding with progressive Democrats in encouraging Breyer to step down.