Fox News CEO says “We don’t need to go further right.”

Fox News has been losing badly to CNN and MSNBC after a mass exodus of fans following its poor performance during the 2020 election and a perceived tilt to the left during the Trump years.

Now, the CEO of Fox is doubling down, saying “We don’t need to go further right. We don’t believe America is further right.”

“We believe where we’re targeted—to the center-right—is exactly where we should be targeted,” said Murdoch. “It’s where we’ve been.”

That’s bad – but there is still some hope. Murdoch also said Fox isn’t going any farther left. “And we’re obviously not going to pivot left. All of our significant competitors are to the far left. So we’ll stick where we are.”

The far-left media site Mediaite gripes:

Viewers of Fox News over the past few months might be surprised to hear from Lachlan Murdoch that Fox News is not pivoting hard right, as a number of programming decisions have suggested otherwise. Conservative firebrand Greg Gutfeld is rumored to be getting his late-night own show; Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo appears a favorite to host the network’s new 7 p.m. opinion show (though this is just idle speculation.) Commentators like Ben Domenech, founder of the ardently pro-Trump website The Federalist, have formally joined the Fox News team. Skeptics might see these potential moves as a strange definition of “center-right.”

The actual direction of Fox is very much up in the air. But if Murdoch thinks he can remain competitive against Newsmax and OANN, he’ll have to step it up. Conservatives won’t be kicked around forever.