Fox News CEO says “We don’t need to go further right.”

Fox News has been losing badly to CNN and MSNBC after a mass exodus of fans following its poor performance during the 2020 election and a perceived tilt to the left during the Trump years.

Now, the CEO of Fox is doubling down, saying “We don’t need to go further right. We don’t believe America is further right.”

“We believe where we’re targeted—to the center-right—is exactly where we should be targeted,” said Murdoch. “It’s where we’ve been.”

That’s bad – but there is still some hope. Murdoch also said Fox isn’t going any farther left. “And we’re obviously not going to pivot left. All of our significant competitors are to the far left. So we’ll stick where we are.”

The far-left media site Mediaite gripes:

Viewers of Fox News over the past few months might be surprised to hear from Lachlan Murdoch that Fox News is not pivoting hard right, as a number of programming decisions have suggested otherwise. Conservative firebrand Greg Gutfeld is rumored to be getting his late-night own show; Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo appears a favorite to host the network’s new 7 p.m. opinion show (though this is just idle speculation.) Commentators like Ben Domenech, founder of the ardently pro-Trump website The Federalist, have formally joined the Fox News team. Skeptics might see these potential moves as a strange definition of “center-right.”

The actual direction of Fox is very much up in the air. But if Murdoch thinks he can remain competitive against Newsmax and OANN, he’ll have to step it up. Conservatives won’t be kicked around forever.

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  1. Fox made a huge mistake with Lou Dobbs who was the reason I tuned in every night to watch. I may tune in from time to time for Liz and Kennedy but will no longer be a regular viewer . Let’s hope President Trump gets something going with social media and has Lou for a host . Goodbye RINO’S 2022 President Trump 2024.

  2. well if they don’t go farther to the right they will neve rget back the millions of viewers they already lost and I for one am one of those and will never go back as long as clowns like Wallace and Juan are there.

  3. I simply cannot believe that Fox News has turned against the American People. Fox used to be the only news outlet where you could hear the truth. The USA is being sold down the river and I do not believe that Fox News and the other shameful news media outlets will like living in communism – but that is exactly what is happening right before our eyes. I won’t be watching Fox again until–nit wits like Chris Wallace, Juan Williams and Geraldo are gone. I want to listen to people who stand for our country. Murdoch should have stayed gone–he is just another liberal nutcase.

  4. I got so disgusted with all the news channels, and the crap the networks put out that I stopped watching all them. I get the weather and what news I want on the internet. I had rather watch old westerns or old movies than the crap they put out now and for sure none of news they put on TV. The news isn’t news anymore when you just keep on and on about the same stuff.

  5. I have started sending FOX News messages about Fox & Friends. It was one of the few shows I still watched after their lurch left act. Many other conservatives just totally cut them off. Steve Doocy needs to be fired as he has become a distraction and not a feature. He will contradict Brian telling him here’s your answer like he is an authority and is doing no more than voicing a nonsense opinion. I can see the disgust at times on both Ainsley and Brian’s face when he goes into his left wing antics. Enough is enough. Murdoch turned over the reins of his network to his left wingnut son and found it to be a mistake. Fired Dobbs? Big mistake. Fire Steve Doocy and right the morning show.

  6. More garbage being stated by the same clowns that tainted the news for the last four years. Most media types in the U.S. deserve to go belly up after their disgusting past.

  7. Fox is Gone Forever. Only about 3 people Worth listening to on Fox!!! I personally will never watch any tv program with M. Wallace regardless what station!!!!

    1. Absolutely agree! Wallace is not worth listening to! He’s completely biased, although to hear him, he’s not.

  8. The CEO made a statement he couldn’t prove. From everything I’ve seen, FOX continues it’s trip to the darkside, but Murdock knows he’s losing badly. FOX is not “center Right” and he knows it. With the loss of Dobbs, he’s down to Hannity, Carlson, Ingram and The Five. Guess what? That’s not “center Right”. The Murdock boys are killing the Golden Goose. When the audience only watches a few hours a days, it’s lights out!!!

  9. Well darn don’t know what happen they took my post. I’ll just say, it’s their railroad but I don’t have to ride. I do enjoy Tucker, Sean, Laura and Harris. But if they bring on Donna B. I’m gone. How can I believe a known crook?

  10. I agree. My mom watched fox religiously and so of course I watched it too. The last year they seem to have decided to go full steam ahead to the left. Sad.
    I love Tucker and Greg Gutfield..I really like Maria and I have really liked Hannity for a long time. I sure hope these great anchors will move to Newsmax or to oann as staying with fox will only ensure that you won’t be getting real news.

    1. I’m in total agreement with Joyce. My husband and I are conservatives and appreciate when someone with brains, commonsense, intelligence, and a sense of honesty talk to us about what’s right and wrong in our government and society in today’s world. We used to watch Lou Dobbs faithfully and now NEWSMAX and HANNITY are our “go to” programs for news we can believe.

  11. Firing Lou Dobbs was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.I had already limited my viewing, now I don’t care. Watch NewsMax and OANN.

    1. Newsmax has gone too far left for me. It’s really too bad. Big Tech has gotten to them. I am now just watching OANN.

      1. . . I agree with you Rich ! . . I do still like Greg Kelly, but I just record him and Chris Salcedo. . . Dan Ball on OAN is terrific ! . . I complained to Newsmax about the way Bob Sellers handled his interview with Mike Lindell, and they basically told me Lindell “went off script”, and that is what set Sellers off. . .The word I got was they were threatened with lawsuits if they kept telling the truth about the election and voting machines. . .Newsmax has a noodle for a spine, and I’ve lost respect for them !

    2. Fox did a dirty filthy dumb crap to Lou Dobbs. Many of our Friends wont WATCH F FOX. YOU DID A BAD THING. To OUR President Trump. Now you hav that old B

      1. The main swamp rat at FOX is the smug, entitled Chris Wallace! He got his job because of his father’s name, and his performance at the first debate was criminal! Having ANYONE THAT LEFT BIASED WILL HURT FOX’S RATINGS. AFTER THE DEBATE, FOX’S RATINGS DROPPED 40%! NEWSMAX AND OANN ARE DOING GREAT, AND THEY ARE NOT FAR RIGHT! THE PROBLEM IS THE DEM PARTY HAS ONLY “SILENT” MODERATES ANYMORE, THEY HAVE BECOME RADICAL COMMUNISTS, AND CNN IS WORKING FOR THE CCP!

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