Fox News’ Bill Hemmer walks out when asked for vaccine status

Amid New York City’s push to enforce vaccine requirements for those wishing to dine out, Fox News personality Bill Hemmer told viewers this week that he walked out of a Big Apple eatery when told he would have to provide proof of his personal vaccination status as well as a photo ID before entering.

During an on-air segment with co-host Dana Perino, Hemmer explained how the whole scene unfolded, saying, “I popped into a restaurant three weeks ago. I said ‘I don’t have my vaccination card, by I do have an app,’ so I downloaded that and showed it to them.”

That was when things grew contentious, with Hemmer continuing, “And they said, ‘Sir can we see something with your name on it?’”

Despite Hemmer’s efforts to offer proof of identity with credit cards and the like, the restaurant staff insisted on seeing something containing a photo.

Given that Fox News has mandated vaccine status disclosure from all of its employees, and the network has reportedly achieved a 90% vaccination rate among full-time staff, it seems highly likely that Hemmer has indeed received his shots.

Even so, the forced production of documentation of that status just to avail oneself of New York City’s dining establishments was too much for Hemmer, who told Perino, “I turned around and walked out. You guys can have it. Good luck,” adding as an aside, “The joint was empty.” WATCH:

New York is not the only major American city to go the route of forcing citizens to essentially “show their papers” in order to enjoy the everyday amenities their localities have to offer, as Los Angeles County this week unveiled plans to require vaccination proof in order to patronize wineries, breweries, indoor bars, lounges, and nightclubs, as the Los Angeles Times reports.

Whether such authoritarian edicts will largely remain the province of far-left enclaves such as New York and California or will spread to cities nationwide remains to be seen, but it seems certain that freedom-loving Americans – regardless of their personal stance on the jabs – will not take kindly to egregiously disproportionate power grabs such as these.