Fox News’ Aishah Hasnie says Afghan friends are ‘waiting on their death sentence’

Despite optimistic assurances from President Joe Biden regarding ongoing efforts to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies from the chaos in Kabul, Aishah Hasnie of Fox News revealed that friends of hers inside the country were in fact “waiting on their death sentence” in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover, according to Mediaite.

Possessing dual citizenship in both Pakistan and the United States, Hasnie gave Fox News viewers some insight into what conditions are really like on the ground in Afghanistan as the populace braces for complete Taliban rule.

“I have three good friends and…each of their families are in hiding right now, essentially, as they put it, waiting for the death sentence,” at the hands of the Islamist insurgents who toppled the American-backed government in recent weeks with a swiftness that shocked the world.

Shedding light on the horrors that are overtaking the country, Hasnie recounted that a relative of one of her friends who had previously worked for the Afghani government “was shot on his way to work,” and that another friend’s family was stopped at the border with Kazakhstan while attempting to flee the country and instructed to return to their home.

Describing the intractable dilemma facing so many in Afghanistan who have collaborated with American forces in the past, Hasnie told the story of another of her friends, a former translator for U.S. forces, who she says is monitoring the circumstances facing his two brothers who cannot escape Kabul.

Explaining that one of the brothers “is with his four kids and his wife, and he’s sitting in a home basically trying to hide out until he gets approval to come to the airport. But once he gets the approval, the question is, how does he physically take his family to the airport? Because there are Taliban checkpoints.”

Underscoring the abject fear so many allies of American troops are currently facing, Hasnie referenced reports that the Taliban had seized biometric devices used by the U.S. military that can be used to identify Afghans who have assisted coalition forces, sparking concerns about brutal retaliation.

“This is a system that basically uses fingerprints to be able to tell who’s who – and so that’s why we can’t put names and pictures [of trapped individuals] on TV right now, because they could easily be found,” Hasnie added.

Hasnie’s concerns have been echoed by lawmakers in the U.S. including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who declared America “honor bound” to assist Afghans who aided American soldiers in previous years and said bluntly that “If we don’t get all those Afghans who stepped up to the plate to help us out then Joe Biden, in my view, has committed a high crime and misdemeanor under the Constitution and should be impeached.”