Fox host says Biden knowingly taking unnecessary risks at the border

Fox Nation host Lara Logan unloaded on President Joe Biden and his administration Wednesday for what she believes to be willful negligence in allowing for more illegal immigration and more drugs over the southern border. 

Logan made her comments as a guest on “America’s Newsroom” according to the network, where the incensed commentator said that the Biden administration “knew the migrant surge was coming,” as was evidenced by their decision to rebuild and open facilities on the border. 

The host called Biden’s debate over whether the migrants might be “good or bad” a “political trap” that is being used to pull focus from the real and crucial “border and national security issue.”

“When you have people coming over in record numbers, you know what else is coming over in record numbers? Look at seizures of fentanyl this year so far,” Logan said, during the interview.

The commentator made the staggering claim that fentanyl seizures thus far in 2021 have already reached what was sized during the entirety of 2020. 

The Washington Examiner made similar assertions about the skyrocketing increase in drug activity along the southern border.  

“When your children are taking a fake Adderall or a fake Xanax for their nerves, maybe one pill, they’re taking their life into their hands,” Logan said, doubling down on the danger of an open border. 

“When they’re smoking weed, they’re taking their life’s into their hands. The cartels working with their partners the Chinese who launder all their money and provide them the chemicals that make these drugs in labs in Mexico–provide [Mexican labs] Chinese pharmacists, they do all of that. They have a strategic partnership to undermine this country from within.”

Between drugs, gangs, human trafficking, and terrorism, it would seem the southern border would be at the top of any administration’s to-do list. Biden, however, seems content to make enemies of border states and friends of non-citizens.