Fox Host Dana Perino cries on air after interview with domestic abuse survivor

As criminal justice and policing reform initiatives continue to sweep the country, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) just signed legislation that made his state the nation’s first to end cash bail entirely, according to NBC News.

Not everyone is on board with Pritzker’s controversial move, however, and during an on-air segment Thursday, Fox News anchor Dana Perino found herself in tears over the brutality her guest experienced at the hands of someone who was released from custody without cash bond, as the Washington Examiner reported.

During an installment of America’s Newsroom, Perino interviewed Cassandra Tanner Miller, an Illinois mother whose horrific tale of domestic violence served as a stark warning about the dangers of eliminating cash bail.

Tanner Miller recounted how her estranged husband had beaten and strangled her to the point of unconsciousness before being arrested by local authorities. However, he was released from police custody the very same day on what is known as an “I-bond.”

According to Fox News, an I-bond permits an individual’s release from jail without paying anything, provided that person signs a statement pledging their appearance at a subsequent hearing.

Tragically, following his release, Tanner Miller’s husband gained entry to her home and asked if she, her daughter, and her 18-month-old son “were all ready to die.” He proceeded to beat Tanner Miller and threaten her daughter with a gun before shooting the toddler boy 10 times.

The bereaved mother later met with Pritzker personally to advocate for stronger bond conditions, not weaker ones, a plea that has apparently gone unheeded by the governor in his quest to appease criminal justice reform groups.

Tanner Miller expressed to Perino her profound disappointment with Pritzker’s move, saying “he absolutely let me down.” She added, “I made a plea to him prior to signing this bill, asking him to hold off and to actually think about victims and me specifically.”

Perino, for her part, was visibly distraught by Tanner Miller’s story as she handed the broadcast off to colleague Trace Gallagher. Watch below: