Fox Host Dana Perino cries on air after interview with domestic abuse survivor

As criminal justice and policing reform initiatives continue to sweep the country, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) just signed legislation that made his state the nation’s first to end cash bail entirely, according to NBC News.

Not everyone is on board with Pritzker’s controversial move, however, and during an on-air segment Thursday, Fox News anchor Dana Perino found herself in tears over the brutality her guest experienced at the hands of someone who was released from custody without cash bond, as the Washington Examiner reported.

During an installment of America’s Newsroom, Perino interviewed Cassandra Tanner Miller, an Illinois mother whose horrific tale of domestic violence served as a stark warning about the dangers of eliminating cash bail.

Tanner Miller recounted how her estranged husband had beaten and strangled her to the point of unconsciousness before being arrested by local authorities. However, he was released from police custody the very same day on what is known as an “I-bond.”

According to Fox News, an I-bond permits an individual’s release from jail without paying anything, provided that person signs a statement pledging their appearance at a subsequent hearing.

Tragically, following his release, Tanner Miller’s husband gained entry to her home and asked if she, her daughter, and her 18-month-old son “were all ready to die.” He proceeded to beat Tanner Miller and threaten her daughter with a gun before shooting the toddler boy 10 times.

The bereaved mother later met with Pritzker personally to advocate for stronger bond conditions, not weaker ones, a plea that has apparently gone unheeded by the governor in his quest to appease criminal justice reform groups.

Tanner Miller expressed to Perino her profound disappointment with Pritzker’s move, saying “he absolutely let me down.” She added, “I made a plea to him prior to signing this bill, asking him to hold off and to actually think about victims and me specifically.”

Perino, for her part, was visibly distraught by Tanner Miller’s story as she handed the broadcast off to colleague Trace Gallagher. Watch below:

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  1. Violent crimes should be handled properly by the court system and by no means should the perps be walking free, period.

  2. If he killed that child without any doubt, why waste money on a trial? Do to him the same thing he did to the child (or animal, another adult).
    Our society is to lenient with these people. At the best he will sit in jail while the tax payers support him and pay for lawyers for his appeal
    and one day walk free on a technicality. Three days later he will do the same thing again.

  3. No bail for a criminal is criminal. Everyone that supports that bill should be jailed for a long time without bail.

  4. Way to go JB what happen you filling your douche bag with ”brain-wash now, just one more bozo who has no clue how bail works .

  5. It is beyond my belief that violent criminals (even domestic abusers) can get out of jail without a cash bond! This guy shot a 2 y/o TEN times! That, to me, is beyond evil, it’s demonic. We need to pray for our country, our future and those who will replace us one day. Ignorance is no excuse, stupidity even has a level they consider “past the point”. My gramma used to tell me all the time, “whether anyone sees you or not, YOU KNOW WHEN YOU DONE WRONG”. How true, it’s an Amish saying that stirs me even today. Many times I’ve wonder why God allows incidents like this to happen, but I’ll never know, unless God removes/takes those whose future is worse than now or if He sees our work on earth is done. No matter what, God is still in charge, He has a plan, I just need to trust Him for whatever the outcome. I’m so sorry for this family, it must be awful for them in this time, and I’ll pray for them.

  6. I’m so very sorry for your loss. A child can’t be replaced…ever.
    Democrats do not care about the victims; they feel sorry for the poor criminals…they must have been so mistreated as a child.
    People who want law & order, justice for victims and their families, and to be safe in their own homes, had better stop voting Democrat.
    What kind of monsters defund the police, & turn criminals loose so they can hurt more people? Not only that, they want to take away our ability to protect ourselves, our families, and our property by taking our guns.
    If you vote Democrat you are either suicidal, or one of the criminals they are turning loose on innocent, law abiding American Citizens.
    Yes, it really is that simple.

  7. When a governor or judge allows criminal an people who break laws to be released into society they should be held responsible. How would he feel if that was a toddler in his family that governor is extremely sick. He may as well have killed that child with his own hands. Please everyone hold him responsible what a creep.

  8. We truly want these traitors to America need to be jailed, they are guilty demons working against all Americans!

  9. Yes Joe Biden will take awY our guns and he will not even know it,he has dementia and is getting worse. Harris thinks she will take away our guns, I don’t think so as regular citizens have guns, people that are law abiding have guns, we all have guns, so what are you going to do Harris or Pelosi. Even our son in law who is a police officer and his team will not allow Harris to take away guns for self defense. In San Jose, California we all love our police, they are kind and caring.
    They want peace also.

  10. President Kennedy we all loved, and when he was killed in Dallas it was horrible. I was in highschool 16 years old. He was for all Americans and he was killed for it by the very top,of our corrupt government. The democrats thought maybe he was to rich. He was smart wanted something for everyone. I guess that wasn’t ok with the Democrats. He was a Democrat but it still was not ok to want something for everyone in America. And guess what the man responsible was tried and then walked out of the courtroom a free man. So as it goes the government, top of the police, FBI, SCOTUS, Supreme Court of each state, juries, judges, district attorneys all bought off. So the horrible man responsible for President Kennedy’s death walked out a free man. Oswald was not responsible for Kennedy’s death, he was a PON, just like big tech are Pons for the Communist Chinese. Kennedy suffered 7 shots, the last one blew half of his head off. And it was done by a man behind a fence in Dallas. The top police officer Jack Ruby was the man who killed Oswald. Oswald was used. As big tech is being used.

    1. Then Johnson gave blacks money, just to pacify them, and said “I’ll have those ni__ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”

  11. People should know the person they marry, and at the earliest, sign of abuse, get out! Call the police, and get the kids, and go! Don’t tell anyone, where you are going until you are safe! The abuser will not change, don’t put yourself, and children through it!

  12. So what if the jails are overcrowded? The sheriff in Arizona had minimum security housing built inside the block walls and had barb wire fencing around the whole facility surrounding the jail. He made them work and pay for their crimes! The criminals being released early is not good for the safety of anyone, especially their victims!
    Get a grip, politicians!

  13. What was Gov. Pritzker thinking? Letting someone out of jail the same day when violence was involved doesn’t even give the perpetrator time to cool off! This was inevitable and preventable! Shame on the govenor.

  14. I think that I would call the governor complicit in the murder of the child. Governor, you make a mistake and you pay. You are trying to change the real world to benefit yourself, it doesn’t work that way.

  15. Kamala Harris lets every violent criminal out. It’s insane, in California she want violent criminals on the streets again. I have never seen so many regular non violent people including Mike and I get something for self defense. To hurt someone I don’t think I could, but if my kids or Grandkids were hurt, yes I believe I could use means to protect them even if it meant losing my own life.

    1. Susan
      I feel the same way
      My Irish mom was small and petite. She always told me to never allow a man to hurt me. If he hits you once and you let him get away he will hit you again!
      That’s exactly what I tell my daughters and Grand daughter.
      God Bless you and your family.

      1. Can Americans continue to contend with this? The Democrats believe that no one can be prosecuted for crimes. What will this lead to —-I think all of us know that!!!

  16. How many people have to die before they change the law and protect the innocent.? Letting out these people is just asking for more violence.

      1. The mother should hire a lawyer and file charges against the government and judge for involuntary manslaughter for the death of her son who can not in any way defend himself.

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