Fox CEO says Biden is good for Fox News

In a jarring announcement, Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch implied that the Biden administration would be better for Fox News than the Trump administration.

One would guess that President Trump might have something to say about that.

Mediaite reports:

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Tech, Media and Telecom conference Thursday, Murdoch said that rival network MSNBC was the “main beneficiary” of the presidency of Donald Trump. “They were the loyal opposition, and that’s what our job is now,” NBC and MSNBC media reporter Dylan Byers said in a tweet.

Murdoch isn’t necessarily saying he likes Biden’s policies – just that the opposition network can get a boost from a hostile presidency. Still, President Trump has long claimed that he was good for all the networks – including Fox, and Fox set viewership records during the Trump years.

Mediaite again:

“We don’t get emotional” about Fox News ratings, Murdoch said, according to Variety’s Brian Steinberg. The company expected a post-election ratings dip, which “happened exactly as we projected,” Murdoch reportedly said, adding that for MSNBC and CNN, the “spikes [in ratings] have come back down to earth.”

Fox was the most-watched cable news network in 2020, seeing its highest-rated year yet, but it also dropped in the ratings after the 2020 presidential election, while both CNN and MSNBC saw historic highs. However, since the start of the year, Fox’s ratings have started to make a comeback.

Murdoch also reaffirmed the network’s commitment to its audience. “Seventy-five million people voted for a Republican president, sometimes in spite of his personality at times … that’s what we represent. We’re going to stick to the center-right. That’s where our audience is,” Byers reported.

Fox may or may not survive the anger of its conservative base at its performance in the November 2020 elections. But Murdoch shouldn’t delude himself – every time the network empowers hacks like Chris Wallace, it loses fans. The future of Fox is conservative.

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  1. I noticed for a long time hannity declined to have his regular guests like Gorka, john Solomon, joe digenova, Sarah carter and the list goes on. He is the biggest traitor. Fox News will never get me to return.

  2. Yes, Biden is good for Fox News. He is also good for NBC, MSNBC and CNN because he makes all of them seem conservative by comparison.

  3. When Fake FOX news called AZ two days later I stopped watching. IAM still pissed, FOX news did a disservice to the TRUMP conservative movement I will never forgive them
    I STILL like HANNITY, Tucker, Ingram LEVIN but I don’t watch them on FOX. Because I don’t want to give them ratings RUMBLE. I got kicked off you tube and they will not tell me why. EFFIN cancel culture coward’s
    I think I talked about VOTER FRAUD to much it’s real there starting to expose the truth. I afraid the good LORD Knows it’s up to him because the SCOTUS is a joke UNAMERICAN

  4. If they want the joke of the day then Biden is their man. If they want a true leader for America then hands down, it is Trump! Newspapers want to fill columns…they care nothing about you or me!

  5. I watch Tucker,Hannity, Laura and Judge Jeanne, Mark and Maria , The Five (I wish Juan would be taken off) , Waters World and maybe a few others I can’t remember now. You can keep Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, and Heraldo. I would rather watch Kristy Knows Best, Shark Tank, Dr Pimple Popper,The 1,000 lb sisters (see how desperate) than to watch the others on Fox. Loose any more like Lou Dobbs and I’m watching those other desperado shows.

  6. Your ratings tell a different story. You’re lucky you have Tucker, Hannity & Ingraham or our ratings would really be deep in the toilet. The only Biden’s good for is NOTHING!

  7. Hope FOX doesn’t go Seuss on us. If we must there is Newsmax to try, but I really don’t want to.

  8. I agree with Johnny. Please Fox, explain what
    Lou Dobbs could, possibly, have said that
    was unacceptable any more than some
    of the other hosts on Fox News. Just because
    he is an avid supporter of President Trump,
    which we all appreciated, was not a valid
    reason to fire him. So unfair to Lou; a man
    who had dedicated years to making Fox #1
    for years !

  9. What does Lachlan smoke????? I used to watch Fox news but, got disgusted with Geraldo, Juan Williams ,Dana and a few others. So I will never watch Fox news. I really like NEWSMAX Greg Kelly, Snitchfield, Sean Spicer and Lindsey and many more.

  10. Ooops lost your audience now sorry Fox
    Very selective on what I see for news now
    & give a Juan Williams a Real job & get him off The 5
    Bad karma FNC

  11. All of the spoiled little rich Murdoch kids are more like Judas Iscariot, except they aren’t pretending to be righteous. They actually are traitors to this nation, just like all the other good little liberals, including Biden.

  12. I stopped watching Fox news for a while then they Fired Lou Dobbs. That broke the Camel’s Back this is just another thing that I will not watch.

  13. Mr. Murdock, from your top-floor office over Rockefeller Square you no doubt can barely see the salt-of-the earth folk and millions more across the country who turn on Fox every night to find out what Carlson and Hannity and Baier and their guests think about what is happening to our beloved country, land of the brave and previously free, and maybe how to bring it back.

    My husband and I, among the 75 million voters who watch for any glimmers of hope from that screen night after night don’t give two hoots about some sort of mealy-mouthed “compromise,” some kind of middle-of-the-road positions like “sanctuary cities,” for goodness’ sake. We have not seen a single position from the left since January 20 that can give us a sliver of hope. The Left is hell-bent on turning our country into someone else’s that will not be recognizable in the coming months and years. Who on earth can actually believe beloved Dr. Seuss is a racist?? Listen to us, Mr. Murdock, and please don’t play footsie with those who actually hate America!

    1. You said it all. How sad. What happened to our wonderful country. I know we don’t have Trump as our president!

  14. Murdoch who? Never heard the name. Maybe it’s because I don’t have cable television. From what I’ve heard Fox news is like Mitch McConnell – depends on which way the wind is blowing. Tomorrow it may be Jinping will be good for Fox news. Who knows and more to the point who cares!

  15. Lachlan Murdoch is a liberal. I don’t know why they would be pushing this as if everyone is surprised by this. He’s a Trump hater and his wife is also. That’s why he’s saying this. Don’t be fooled by Fox News. They’re the same as they were during Trumps Election campaign. They got Trump out of office, and now they’re pretending to be something else.

  16. Fox is a sale out. They are now in the company of other news that are liars . Only news I used to watch. Guess what I won’t be watching anymore. So good by ratings .

  17. Where do they find these medically sick people ? Democrats are NOT Americans, never have been, never will be. Is this thing a Democrat ? Look in the past when the Democrats started and see what they really are.

    BIDEN >:

  19. This Murdoch Kid is married to a Leftie Hillary Lover Both Murdoch boys married leftie as well as their father who married Jerry Hall Mick Jagger’s throw away wife…. Don’t watch Fox any more after the last election mishap.

  20. Any time you see a panel discussion, the left-leaning speaker, Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, or whomever, dominates the narrative, speaking over the top of whichever guest is trying to get their position brought up and debated. That is what drives me to turn them off every time!

  21. I watch Tucker,Hannity, Laura and Judge Jeanne. Mark and Maria. They are on the right track.

    1. I agree with you Rosemary but why don’t they shut the other fence walkers down and by the way young murdoc biden is NOT Good and either are you you spoiled rich kid.

  22. I don’t get excited about Fox either, they lean left as in Communism. We really don’t have any great news sources in the world of progressives.

    1. I don’t think that conservatives will forgive Fox’s involvement in the 2020 election. Chris Wallace did Americans a grave injustice with his bullying tactics against Trump during the Presidential debate. He was mean and that is hard to take. But he can take credit for the situation we are now in.

      1. AMEN to this one. My buddies out here in Ohio, all veterans and myself used to turn the TV on in the morning and pretty much leave it run all dy…on Fox. That changed abruptly when Chris Mathews did his hatchet job on Mr. Trump and yes…..NEWSMAX was the benefactor. Honestly I would even listen to other stations whenever Mathews steps into his slot on Fox. Fox is obviously doing some things to rectify their blunder with showing Mathews NS i Hve noticed that. I can take all of Trey Gowdy Fox can offer, but please don’t restrain him, he
        s no fun that way. Earl “Dusty” trimmer

      2. Great comment. I totally agree on Chris Wallace’s injustice / lack of fairness during the debate by protecting Biden and not allowing Pres. Trump to debate the issues. Why have a debate if commentator won’t allow issues to be debated.

      3. we wont forgive or forget. but this explains why wallace, crying john because he did not get an answer to him although trump had disclaimed several dozen times. and he gets upset because kaleigh did not answer HIS question, cavuto and now even williams has shut down control of the five, the last complete show I used to watch. but whenever williams speaks now he gets a tone down version of what the others criticized him against, and could name so manymore just at fox. so we will be limited in what we see on TV maybe it is time to go back to newspapers.

    2. I watch Tucker, Hannity andGLaura and if gowdey stays there I like him. Otherwise Fox and Mudock and Biden can all go with Satan that they all worship !!!!!

      1. I sympathize with you. If I want the unvarnished truth,,,I bank on FOX!! They have the most honest people on the NEWS! If you want to be lied to on a regular basis, take your choice of most of the other news talkers, (They are not anchors, or they would drown)

    3. eh mr murdoch i d o not watch anymore but hannity and jeannine
      the rest i turn off ……period or go to newsmax

    4. They lost all of us & will NEVER regain the fame it once had. As for Chris Wallace & his poisonous tongue, he has lost more than all the others combined!!

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