Fox Business fires its top rated host Lou Dobbs

We have been hopeful that Fox News was headed back in a more conservative direction. But today’s news appears to indicate the opposite.

Top-rated Fox Business host Lou Dobbs has been fired from the network after being named in a libel suit by a voting machine company. Dobbs was a strong supporter of President Trump. 

Trump reacted to the news Friday saying: “Lou Dobbs is and was great…He had a large and loyal following that will be watching closely for his next move, and that following includes me.”

Bloomberg reports:

The company said the move was part of changes that had been in the works for its post-election lineup. “As we said in October, Fox News Media regularly considers programming changes,” it said in a statement Friday. “A new 5 p.m. program will be announced in the near future.”

…The 75-year-old broadcaster, who also hosted a radio show, joined Fox in 2010 after previously anchoring financial programs for years on CNN. A Harvard University graduate with a degree in economics, he worked in government and banking before becoming a journalist. He’s the author of “The Trump Century: How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever.”

The whole story is a bit of a gut punch for Trump supporters who also enjoy Fox News. If the network doesn’t replace him with someone as conservative or more so, I’ll be more than disappointed – I’ll be angry. Fox is playing a dangerous game right now, and if they don’t change course quickly, they’ll be doomed to complete irrelevance.

Read the full story here.

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  1. 735475 517686fantastic post, extremely informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not notice this. You should continue your writing. Im confident, youve an excellent readers base already! 557156

  2. Knowing how evil Democrats are, I am sure they planned the January 6 attack, planned the impeachment, knew what the consequences would be and are now using them to justify their authoritarian and censoring acts towards conservatives. Like the devil, they are always planning how to overcome and destroy all that is good. Hatred is the glue that keeps them together.

  3. Not watch Fox News anymore. The firing of Lou Dobbs means the


  4. Hate to say it good riddance to him, and next is tucker and hannity
    All they do is promote their damn books and when they have guests they cut them off talk over them, when we really want to hear from the guest/expert.
    Laura Ingram does the same BS.
    Sorry and I have been a loyal Fox viewer for some 15 yrs and I am a GOP but I do not drink from the trump trough.

  5. Hey dominion you want business ain’t gonna happen this way, you got caught with your pants down now it’s someone else’s fault so your going around accusing the wrong people of destroying your business take a long hard look in the mirror and you’ll see the cause of this, you have a leak in your own company that’s how Americans heard about it first! Even before this fraud started!

  6. One America News people! Keep Lou, Maria, Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Gutfield and Judge Pierro (no matter where they work)! NewsMax just joined the ranks of anti-America everything; censorship, No Truth, No Free Speech, No Constitution, no legitimate elections. Most of ALL, cover-up the illegal and illegitimate communist regime occupying the people’s house and the capital buildings!

  7. I stopped watching Fox News after election. I knew what the Dems were up to. Just didn’t know how they were going to do it. They were just too confident. They are wicked and evil, and they won’t get away with what they’ve done!!!

  8. This is absolutely a farce! Rupert Murdock is OLD and should have better sense than to be forced into a corner by a foreign company lawsuit. The proof that suit is bogus is all the news. Listen to Michael Lindell experts and you will see what an old lady like me sees. You have lost your cash cow in Dobbs. Michael Lindell could become a sponsor for Lou Dobbs and President Trump on another news network! Plus you are gonna have to defend the lawsuit and Dobbs. Please explain to me how this is going to work out to make Fox the number 1 it used to be!

  9. Wow!!! I only watch Tucker, Hannity, and Dobbs as it is. I will only be watching Tucker and Hannity on Fox now. I watch OAN and NewsMax as it is. I stopped watching Fox several months ago since they seem to be DemoRat supportive!!!!

  10. Tucker, Levin, Jeannine, and Steve Hilton, are the only ones I watch until they cancel them too. There are others loyal to President Trump, Hannity, Laura, Pete H, Kati P, but since November 4, stopped watching Fox all day, everyday, for their betrayal to President Trump. Calling AZ for Biden? give me a break! There was definite fraud in AZ and an audit is being conducted now. MEANTIME, BE SURE TO WATCH MIKE LINDELL’S FRAUD INVESTIGATION – ON OANN, CHANNEL 347 ON DIRECT TV – CONFIRMS THE MILLIONS OF VOTES STOLEN FROM TRUMP AND GIVEN TO BIDEN.

  11. Lou Dobbs, Tucker and Mary are the only reasons for any of us to watch fox news, they were the only one’s that attempted to tell the truth.
    Fox news has proved they are traitors just like all the other leftest hacks!

  12. Our elected President Donald John Trump order’s of Impeachments on the day of his election. On the capital question the take over was planned days are weeks before Trump held his speech asking for peace. Looking at a time line of the day take over was happening at the time of his speech.
    If the untrusted Democrats were sharing information it is clear that those in the Capital didn’t even attend the Trump meeting. In time we will learn the Democrats actually staged the whole break in. Trump supporters were several blocks from the Capital.

  13. Patriots,
    Please watch Mike Lindell’s video on how the election was stolen with actual cyber report views, testimonies and military giving all the actual reports of what has happened. Facebook is trying to say the info was false, They are acting like they are omnipresent and know what happened. Hope they go down with the Deep State. Someday they will have to look in the mirror and face the truth. They are supporters of the CCP when they try to suppress freedom of speech. No one can hide the truth!

    1. Fox News trying to bring back some Conservatives with Gowdy hiring…..BUT THEY BROKE MY TRUST…. Never again will I watch them. This is why!! They keep on leaning to the left… further and further….. It is down un my household!!! God has a special place for Murdoch and his cronies in Hell…….sooner the better‼️

    2. Seen it & it nails it to the wall.
      Forensic experts got all the info. documented & illustrated, absolutely amazing

    3. I did watch Mike Lindell and back in the fall I signed off FaceBook (had to do that twice to get it done) and Twitter. Had enough of the Dems and other sites. Never watch MSNBC, CBS, NBC, etc. They all lie when the truth would serve. It is a shame that FOX news has gone to the donkeys.

  14. We may be forced to black list Fox news if they continue on this dangerous path of liberal behavior. Americans wake up we are looking our freedom. We are/have been invaded.

    1. I may not have blocked Fox News, but haven’t, watched them since 11/3 PM and WON’T watch them AGAIN. It took them decades to my build trust which was totally destroyed in approx 3 hrs. when out of nowhere, and for no reason I can see they chose to betray that trust. I can forgive them, but that doesn’t mean I will ever watch them again.
      I also have similar problems with the RINO Republican Party. I seem to be without a party I can back. Dems have turned into a party of hate & violence can’t think of a more hateful platform than abortion (only potential citizen unable to defend themselves, and they get what Dem help?)…not to mention BLM & ANTIFA…Is Biden going to stop the 1000’s marching towards our southern borders? Are they infected with COVID, or other health issues?
      People always seem to want to ask, What would Jesus do? Would bet a whole lot of money if his 1st Advent was in the decade of 2020’s he wouldn’t be allowed to live past age 21

  15. He is being sued because he spoke about voter fraud.Hope everyone watched the expose on voter fraud in One America News.I think it will be shown again so check it out .It is hosted by Mike Lindell

      1. Yes they are loosers anyway. but this was the last straw firing Loud Dobbs he was the most honest and best on fox they will go down for sure now .they just finished the job of pulling the plug on fox for you will not be missed.

    1. And now the Supreme Court is going to take a look at some of the voter fraud cases. Fox acted on a whim. Too soon??

    2. I believe that Mike Lindell knows his Bible quite well and he has the “Spirit.” He must also know that “the truth shall make you free,” but what does that actually mean? It was the Truth of the KJV Bible that ‘got him free’ of his past bad habits that were messing up his life… and we can too. But only if we can humble ourselves to actually open that Great Book that is usually laying in the corner gathering dust and maybe the dog’s saliva, etc. I will listen to Mike L., soon ! — Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

    3. Yes! Very enlightening program. Mike Lindell was smart to get the truth out before it goes to court because now the Left must address these issues.

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