Former Trump administration official: Is Hillary Clinton gearing up for 2024 White House bid?

She may have already lost two high-profile White House bids, but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could still be gearing up for a third one, says a former Trump administration official.

Writing Wednesday in the New York Post, Monica Crowley, who served as assistant secretary for public affairs in the Treasury Department between 2019 and 2021, said that despite her age and past failures, the 74-year-old’s “insatiable ambition hasn’t waned.”

Crowley started laying out her case by arguing that Clinton has been angling for the presidency for three decades.

“In her 30 years on the national political scene, she’s never stopped scrambling to be president. She’s spent her entire adult life on a relentless march toward the top job,” Crowley wrote. “Along the way, she blazed a trail of failure and shadiness — from Whitewater, her disastrous stab at socialized medicine and the smearing of her husband’s accusers to the shadowy use of a private server while secretary of state and the deadly debacle in Benghazi.”

Clinton never quite realized how much many Americans dislike her, the commentator added.

“Eaten alive by the double humiliation of losing the presidency twice to men who had a better sense of the political zeitgeist, Clinton never came to terms with the public’s perception of her as a treacherous, entitled striver driven by self-dealing and defined by a deep unlikability that made her wholly unpalatable to the general electorate,” Crowley said.

These days, Clinton looks at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and sees opportunity, the writer said.

“She sees Biden and Harris in freefall, a direct result of their obvious incompetence and failing agenda, which have produced a weakening economy, skyrocketing inflation, a labor crunch, a supply-chain crisis, a catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan with Americans left behind, a wide-open border, spiking crime and cities in collapse and COVID as rampant as ever,” Crowley added.

The commentator then pointed out that Clinton appears to have been making a point of warning Democrats about the pitfalls of falling in with the far left.

And that’s not all.

“Her Twitter feed is dotted with attempts at Clintonian nostalgia,” Crowley wrote. “On Christmas, she posted a throwback image of a White House family holiday. On New Year’s, she posted a portrait of herself — from about 30 years ago — sporting sunglasses and a determined grin as she gazed into the future.”

Crowley continued by arguing that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s apparent attempts to clean up her image are no coincidence.

“Revealingly, her most trusted aide, Huma Abedin, is busy cleaning up her past as wife to serial sexter, former congressman and general letch Anthony Weiner. She’s published her story and given sympathy-engendering interviews,” the writer said.

Crowley theorized that the 79-year-old Biden is not likely to run for re-election in 2024, but that Clinton would be the clear front-runner in a Democratic primary, assuming neither Harris nor former first lady Michelle Obama opt to run.

The former Trump administration scenario laid out a scenario where Harris is convinced to give up the vice presidency, at which point Clinton assumes the office and mounts a run for president in 2024.

“Sound far-fetched? Maybe,” Crowley wrote. “But Democrats know they have a big problem heading into 2024, and they’re desperate for a viable solution. Clinton’s public moves indicate she’s aware of this predicament too — and despite repeated rejections from the American people is preparing to try to make the third time the charm.”