Former ‘To Catch a Predator Host’ Chris Hansen responds to Michigan arrest warrant

Though typically aligned with those working to put wrongdoers behind bars, Chris Hansen, former host of NBC’s To Catch a Predator, found himself on the wrong side of the law last week when a judge in Michigan issued a warrant for his arrest over a failure to appear for a court date, as the New York Post reported.

The trouble for Hansen reportedly stemmed from his absence at a Shiawassee County court proceeding scheduled for last Thursday in which he was to produce video footage connected to a local sting operation designed to ensnare sex traffickers in which he had provided assistance, according to the Daily Caller.

According to Mid-Michigan NBC affiliate WEYI, Shiawassee County prosecutor Scott Koerner confirmed that a warrant had indeed been issued by Judge Matthew Stewart for Hansen’s arrest for his failure to respond to a subpoena for the the materials obtained in connection with the sting.

On Friday, Hansen arrived at the Shiawassee County jail – roughly 65 miles northwest of Detroit – to resolve the warrant, which the former Dateline personality explained was simply the result of crossed wires between himself and authorities.

Posting on Instagram afterward, Hansen told followers that “Defense lawyers for accused predator Michael Lott had requested video from the investigation. There was miscommunication about a hearing today on the issue. The matter is currently being resolved!”

Hansen was reportedly released with a warning that he had 14 days in which to produce the entire cache of video footage in his possess, and updating fans later on that same day, Hansen declared, “All matters in the Shiawassee Co predator case resolved! Justice marches on!”

Attorney Clint Perryman later explained that his client “wasn’t intending to not appear or to be somebody that was trying to circumvent the process,” adding that “it was just an unfortunate set of circumstances that resulted in a failure to appear,” according to Fox News.

This was not Hansen’s first brush with the law, as the Daily Caller noted, with the former investigative reporter having been arrested back in early 2019 over a series of bounced checks written to a “mom-and-pop shop” to the tune of roughly $13,000.

Hopefully the footage that led to Hansen’s arrest warrant helps secure justice in the sex trafficking case and that he remains committed to the cause of holding these types of offenders accountable for their crimes.