Former Senator John Warner died Tuesday of heart failure

Republican icon and former Virginia Senator John Warner passed away on Tuesday evening, according to The Washington Examiner.

The five-term senator and former secretary of the Navy had mandy distinctions in his life, one of which was being one of the seven husbands of the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. According to Politico, who cited an email from his longtime chief of staff, Susan Magill, Warner, 94, died of heart failure

Warner penned a letter to his constituents upon the announcement of his retirement in 2007 where he said that he would “conclude [his] service to Virginia as a Senator.”

The longtime public servant opened his letter by calling the “communities” he served as “hallowed grounds.”

“To all who helped along the way that’s why I share with you my lifetime of gratitude for what I learned in Virginia is educational institutions in from our US military.

They forged my character they forged my sense of values public service is a privilege as I look back over a long career many generations. Opportunities have been given to me as now add up the years of public service it totals 45 years. How fortunate how blessed I have been.

“I close with a quote from the founding father of our nation and the founding father of the University of Virginia Mr. Jefferson:

“‘There is a fullness of time when men should go and not occupy too long the ground to which others have a right to advance.”

“Together with my family, I have decided to follow this sage, fair wisdom and yield the right to others ‘to advance.’ He signed this farewell, ‘Gratefully, John Warner, U.S.S., Va.'”

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  1. They seem to do this on most articles. I guess they do it to get people to read it. Not cool…

  2. I hate it when articles do this. “A top republican dies….” or a top democrat dies…. He last served as a senator in 2009. How is he a top anything since he hasn’t served as a senator for 12 years?

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