Former Russian politician Yuri Mamonov found dead in Moscow apartment

Shocking news came out of Russia in recent days in the form of an announcement of the death of well-known politician and business entrepreneur Yuri Mamonov, as BB-CNTV reported.

According to the outlet, Mamonov was discovered dead in a Moscow apartment located on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street on June 11.

A source familiar with the circumstances of Mamonov’s death told news agency TASS that preliminary findings suggest that his demise “is not of a criminal nature,” but could be “related to his illnesses,” though no additional specifics were offered.

REN TV further noted that acute heart failure is currently among the leading theories as to the ultimate cause of Mamonov’s death.

Mamonov served in a number of capacities in Russian government over the last few decades, including as a Liberal Democratic Party member of the State Duma between the years of 2000 and 2003.

In addition, Mamonov spent time as a member of the Duma’s committee on energy, transport and communications as well its commission for the protection of investors’ rights.

Following his substantial stint in parliamentary government, Mamonov reportedly engaged in a number of entrepreneurial endeavors.

A native of Moscow Oblast, Mamonv matriculated at Moscow State University of Agroengineering before working as a teacher for two years and then serving as chief mechanic and chief engineer of the Ilyinskoye experimental farm. By 1994, he had risen to the lofty position of general director and chairman of the board of an international freight transportation firm known as CJSC All Stars.

Whether the final cause of Mamonov’s death is indeed determined to be acute heart failure remains to be seen, but as of now, official channels appear reluctant to attribute his passing to foul play of any sort.