Former Russian politician dies at 75, cause uknown

The Russian political scene was rocked this week upon the announcement of the death of former state Duma Deputy Vladimir Petrovich Averchev.

Very little is known about his death, short of an updated Wikipedia entry and scant news clips, likely because of Russia’s secrecy surrounding its political world.

“It is known that Averchev passed away on Tuesday. The cause of death of the former deputy is not reported. He was a member of the Yabloko party, and also served as a leading expert at the Accounts Chamber of Russia from 2010 to 2013,” ScoopTrade wrote.

Even across social media, the Russian politico’s name barely returned any results whatsoever, short of what appeared to be some type of “bot” that posts news and announcements about death notices.

According to his Wiki page, Averchev spent the majority of his career at various levels of “researcher” status for the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union’s Institute for US and Canadian Studies. He would later become an expert for the Supreme Soviet of Russia’s International Affairs Committee.

He would begin his career in Russian politics in 1993, as he “was nominated as a candidate for the elections for the first convocation of the State Duma on the federal list for the Yavlinsky-Boldyrev-Lukin electoral bloc, and was duly elected” at that time.

His political career, however, didn’t last long, ending in 2000. He would go on to become a Russian oil company president, among other high-level positions likely connected to some of Russia’s most powerful private citizens.

The former politician’s death comes as the country’s invasion of Ukraine prepares to enter its fourth month, still not having managed to declare any kind of decisive victory in its attempt to secure various Ukrainian cities.