Former NFL QB Jay Barker pleads not guilty to reckless endangerment charge

Country music star Sara Evans, 51, experienced a nasty bout of domestic violence earlier this year after her husband, former NFL quarterback Jay Barker, attempted to hit her — and another person — with a vehicle, leading to a felony arrest.

According to The Daily Wire, Barker pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless endangerment this week, thus avoiding prison time. 

“An arrest affidavit from the January incident said Barker attempted to hit two people with a vehicle but missed. The affidavit said Barker and the victim were married but separated and currently living separately. The district attorney’s office told WKRN-TV on Thursday that a divorce is still in progress,” the Associated Press reported.

The charge was noted as a “best interest” charge, which in Tennessee means that it’s not an admission of outright guilt, but the defendant admits that the state “had enough evidence to prove its case.”

Barker originally faced much more serious charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. “He was kept on a 12-hour hold and placed on a $10,000 bond. He was later released after posting bond because of the domestic violence charge,” the AP noted.

According to local media outlets, while Barker will not face any time behind bars, he’ll be subject taking part in a “26-week-long Batterer’s Intervention Program and the disposal of any firearms he may have.”

“Unfortunately, headlines and quick-to-publish news stories do not adequately capture the full context and complex fabric of our lives. I love my family dearly, and at this difficult time, I respectfully ask for privacy for the sake of my family and especially for our kids,” Barker, also a radio host, said shortly after his arrest in January.

Barker, who played for a number of NFL teams and a brief stint in the Canadian Football League and the XFL, is best known for his time as a stand-out quarterback for Alabama.