Former NFL player Brendan Langley involved in fight at Newark Airport

A disturbing scene unfolded at Newark Liberty International Airport on Thursday when former NFL cornerback Brendan Langley got into a physical confrontation with a United Airlines staffer, as Fox News reports.

The onetime standout with the Denver Broncos was captured on video engaging in a heated discussion with the aforementioned airline worker at an airport baggage counter, when the United employee looked to hit Langley in the face.

That is when Langley retaliated, first slapping the worker in return and then adding a few punches into the mix, who did not back down.

Langley ultimately threw a punch hard enough to send the airline employee careening into the baggage conveyor belt behind the check-in desk, a tumble which left him visibly bloodied.

Even that was insufficient to end the conflict, as the worker again began to approach the athlete – now playing as a receiver for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League – with Langley yelling incredulously, “You want some more? He wants more!”

Langley was ultimately arrested and charged with simple assault, and though he claimed that the United Airlines employee was the one to initiate the physical contact, no other arrests were made, according to TMZ.

On Thursday afternoon, Langley took to Twitter to explain his side of the story, essentially implying that he had only attempted to defend himself from the employee aggressor.

The New York Post noted on Friday that the United Airlines worker involved in the incident has since been terminated from his position, and it remains to be seen whether Langley will experience any professional fallout from his conduct, as officials with his team in Calgary are in the process of conducting an investigation of their own.