Former NATO commander believes Russia is pushing into Ukrainian capital to push for regime change

According to former NATO Commander Wesley Clark, there’s a distinct possibility that Russia is pursuing regime change in Ukraine.

The former commander’s comments were cited by The Washington Examiner where he said that Russia appears to be assaulting Ukraine to overwhelm it in a move that is not dissimilar to what the United States did when it invaded Iraq.

That strategy could create an opening in Kyiv for them to take out the leadership, according to the former commander:

“It really complicates the command-and-control issues for the Ukrainian staff. You get good information, you get bad information. You don’t know what’s happening, and it’s overwhelming when that information goes dark,” he told CNN on Thursday.

“I think the main objective is Kyiv. I think what they want to do is what we call in the military a coup de main. That is to say, go right into Kyiv, change the leadership, put a Russian stooge in charge, and then tell the Ukrainians ‘stop fighting.'”

Because Russia is attacking the country of Ukraine from multiple directions at once, from Russian soil, Belarus, and Crimea, it seems that the stratigy is shored up by their attempts to take over airports near Kyiv to help them bring in additional troops near the nation’s capital.

Since there has also been Russian armor movement north of Kyiv, taht could cause Russians to be able to entirely circle the city and penetrate it, according to Clark.

“Their intent would be to encircle Kyiv, penetrate it, sack it like we did with Baghdad in 2003, and get regime change. It’s the quickest solution to them,” he said.