Former ICE director calls for Sec. Mayorkas’ resignation, impeachment over immigration crisis

President Joe Biden and his administration have made it perfectly clear by this point that given their past actions, and future plans, they have all but turned a blind eye to the illegal immigration crisis that continues to explode at the southern U.S. border.

A growing number of high-profile critics, including former acting ICE Director Tom Homan, have weighed in on the disastrous situation, with Homan most recently calling for the resignation and impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Fox News reports

Homan’s well-justified call for his resignation comes as the Biden administration plans to eliminate the last remaining effective tool that can be used to mitigate the skyrocketing immigration numbers, known as Title 42.

“Seven hundred thousand got-aways since Joe Biden became president. Seven hundred thousand people entered this country illegally and not arrested. How many of them are in the screening database?” Homan said during a recent Fox News interview.

Homan added: “Just last month 67,000 got-aways. These aren’t Tom Homan numbers, these are based on camera traffic, drone traffic, and sensor traffic that border patrol records but can’t respond to.”

“Here is what people need to be worried about. After 9/11 we put a lot of processes in place where terrorists couldn’t get into the United States. The Visa Security Program. The no-fly list. The terrorist screening database. You can’t get into this country with any derogatory information at all. You are not getting a visa and plane ticket. Those processes mean nothing if you can walk across the southwest border unscathed like 700,000 people did.”

The former ICE director went on to emphasize just how massive of an issue the situation truly is, before calling on Mayorkas to resign and face possible impeachment for dropping the ball.

While it’s doubtful that Mayorkas or the Biden administration will react to Homan’s demands, it’s important to keep the pressure on, as something has to give at some point in time.