Former Home Depot CEO rips Biden for surrendering US energy independence

The Biden administration, depending on the day of the week, still has a running list of other entities and situations on which to blame the American energy crisis.

According to Fox News, former Home Depot and Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli reminded viewers of The Brian Kilmeade Show that President Joe Biden killed America’s energy independence on day one of taking over the White House, after years of cheap gas prices and not having to worry about where oil was coming from or if we had enough to refine.

The former high-profile executive held nothing back during his interview with host Brian Kilmeade.

“This administration decided on day one to surrender our energy independence and make us vulnerable and more dependent on supply from Saudi Arabia and other countries that we kind of held at arm’s length, because of some of their political issues and humanitarian issues,” Nardelli began.

He added: “But I think supply chain, on a broader scale, is inseparably linked to inflation. And again, I heard what Brian [Deese] said about prices coming down.”

Nardelli went on to explain that he doesn’t believe America has seen the worst of it, as the second half of this year, as voters and businesses tighten belts, could be much worse.

“Price increases are almost like COVID, it’s spreading like crazy and everybody is rushing to increase prices because they think the door might close as we get into a further decline in the second half of this year,” Nardelli said.

The White House, including Biden, has repeatedly insisted that the price hikes, especially on the energy front, are primarily the fault of Vladimir Putin, though all available public charts show that the rise was on its way well before Putin invaded Ukraine in late February.