Former Gov. Tommy Thompson will not seek to reclaim Wisconsin governorship

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) was huge in Republican politics in the 1990s, and recently considered making a comeback run for the same office. Given that former President Donald Trump is the kingmaker in the upcoming November elections, Thompson met with him in Florida to have a discussion about a return to the mansion.

According to the Washington Examiner, it seems as if Trump and Thompson agreed to have Thompson stay out of the fray. If the 80-year-old jumped into the race in an attempt to oust incumbent Gov. Tony Evers (D), it would be detrimental in the Republian primary.

Even with the decision to sit this one out, in a statement he released regarding his decision, he made clear that he would have been a formidable candidate.

“This is a very difficult conclusion. After a full life of service and leading and growing businesses, I know I have the vision, drive and vitality to serve another term as governor,” Thompson wrote.

He added: “Wisconsin needs strong leadership to bridge political divides, care for our most vulnerable, set our economy on a path to succeed in the 21st-century, and again make us the shining star of the nation. I would have brought those qualities and commitment as governor.”

There are already at least three serious Republican candidates running in the upcoming Wisconsin primary who’ve spent time and serious money on their campaigns, including former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, Kevin Nicholson, a U.S. Marine veteran and management consultant, and state Rep. Tim Ramthun.

Thompson is most well-known politically for drastically reforming Wisconsin’s welfare rolls, dropping the number some 90% during his time in the governor’s mansion.

There’s no doubt he’d make a solid candidate, but unfortunately, it’s not the right time. He did leave open the idea of searching for other ways to serve, according to his statement.