Former Fox employee is furious that he got fired

We covered the story of Fox News firing former employee Chris Stirewalt, after Stirewalt’s early call of Arizona for Joe Biden was widely panned.

Now, Stirewalt is speaking out – and he’s angry that he was fired.

In an op-ed for the LA Times, Stirewalt bragged about being first to call Arizona for Biden saying “I was proud of our being first to project that Joe Biden would win Arizona, and very happy to defend that call in the face of a public backlash egged on by former President Trump. Being right and beating the competition is no act of heroism; it’s just meeting the job description of the work I love.”

He then moved on to somehow link his firing to the capital riots, saying “What tugs at my mind after seeing a mob of enthusiastic ignoramuses sack the Capitol, though, is whether that sophistication will come quickly enough when outlets have the means to cater to every unhealthy craving of their consumers.”

Stirewalt is blowing smoke. If anything, he’s part of the problem. When consumers sense that media has become a good old boys club biased against the people and in favor of the establishment, then noxious frustration can boil over into disgraceful scenes like the capital riots. People will believe anything because they can’t trust flacks like Stirewalt. That doesn’t make the riots right – but it does mean that Stirewalt is 100% wrong to link them to his firing.

When Stirewalt was fired, we wrote: “things are changing at Fox News, and that’s largely because the big boss, Rupert Murdoch, is back in charge. Murdoch has always been keenly in touch with what audiences want, and he appears to be picking up on the fact that the majority of Fox viewers are fed up with the network.”

Let’s hope things keep rolling in the same direction.

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    1. I’m with you in that. I still like Gutfeld and Judge Jenine Though. Fix needs to clean up their act to get me back like I was along with my friends.

      1. I tolerated them until the night Arizona was called and the big steal. Im done with Fox. Im done with all msm. Im tired of the insults to my intelligence..I am awake. I study and research with 80 million truth seekers.

        1. I agree. Have not watched Fox or any news other than NewsMax a little since 11/3. They all do insult intelligence and integrity. Stirewalt and his laugh cough were obnoxious and demeaning. I did not know it was he who made the stupid early call, but no surprise. America is almost dead. I am 85 and never saw this bad coming.

      2. I don’t watch it anymore, because of Juan, Donna, especially Chris Wallace, Brett Bair, and Sandra Smith, What a bunch of Dems !!

  1. perhaps stirewalt had inside information about all the illegal votes soon to be counted. why be angry at the messenger?

    1. well at least some measure of decency. we just saw clinesmith walk wih a slap after he ruined peoples lives! and nothing happens. at least one messenger is shot Or did you think they would condemn so quickly all the heads of anti-trumpers?

  2. Fox has a long way to go They have really messed up mornings with Maria which I now no longer look at. I love Jeanne so don’t mess with her! The guy you fired deserved it. Now none of my friends but me look at fox and I get grief all the time from them You still have a few good people left don’t screw it up or I will be joining my friends You couldn’t possibly think what is going on in our government is a good thing. You need to come back to the people who took you to the top.

    1. Thumbs up with your comment. I miss Hannity, Ingraham, Judge Jeanine, & the Five ( unless I have to listen to progressive spins like from Juan). Now I feel like the reporters are walking on eggshells with their comments to NOT “offend” anyone on the left. They look like they are all afraid of getting axed by the boss if they “step out of line”. Wish all my favorites could move to Newsmax.

    2. You got that right. Wallace is a big problem and he is one of the causes we do not watch anymore. They need to get rid of Paul Ryan because when they hired him they started going down hill.
      Watch OANN OR NEWS MAX👍

    3. Can’t stand Wallace. Juan, Donna , all bunch of idiots. Plus they think we stupid. Wallace I think he’s the worse. Iam off Fox News for almost a month now. Oan and Newsmax.

  3. If FOX would demote Ryan to ‘cleaning the latrines’ they might be on the correct path. Unless we see that – forget the station.

  4. Not sure this guy was a “star” of fox news. Liberal yes, a while ago I saw his criticism as opposed to reporting and I began to change y mind. If and only IF rupert is back we should see wallace and cavuto go ext unfortunately that rino failed for VP that sits on his board. And now we are seeing a slew of new faces some to e ahhhh, others seem to be good on reporting but no one at least to me stands out. wallace is still spewing against trump and so is cavuto and some others. Some are just cartoons like juan williamson but he gets his butt handed over everytime he opens his mouth

  5. i have not watch fox new in over a month i do like Sean Hannidy & judge Janine i hope they fire a lot more on the dirty democrats

  6. Do any of you listen to what you are saying? Is the main stream media tellingyou of all the corrupt things going no! Like Some of the commentators or not, Fox is the LAST FREE SPEECH CHANNEL on the air right now..Their America First is needed now not more decision Devision.

  7. I don’t feel sorry for him getting fired, the average American is tired of the junk that comes out of the mouths of some of these so-called reporters

  8. I don’t think he is going to be missed. The only show I ever saw him on was Laura’s and that was only about 10/15 minutes. I have never seen him on Tucker or Hannity. I am glad Murdoch is back and taking over.

  9. As long as Juan Williams is a constant on your shows, I will not watch. That also goes for Donna Brazeal. Of all people to give free reign to. She provided Hilliary Clinton with the questions that would be asked at a town hall meeting and that’s just what we know for sure. I don’t mind Democratic guests, if you want to be “fail and balanced,” but not a full time dose of these two. Maybe a different format. That also goes for Chris Wallace, who thinks he is God’s gift to Fox and apparently you do too.

  10. As long as LIBERAL Fox keeps LIBERAL kneeling colvrones like Wallace , Cavuto , Brazeal , and a few other LIBERALS on thier network ,,, we’ll STAY done with them . During the Daytime and weekends , LIBERAL Fox sounds no different than FAKE cnn and msnbc . It’s NEWSMAX and AON for us , they are great and do give Conservatives a voice .

  11. was a Fox viewer for over 15 years, everyday, Stopped watching night of election, can’t get us back until all the liberal deceivers are gone. Trump is the best president we have ever had. You did well when he first started running in your coverage of him and then you turned on him, lost a lot of viewers and we can’t forget it, a lot will have to change to get us back!!!! Newsmax is doing great!!!!

  12. get a life stirewalt; you’re not a hero, just a wannabe who’s a petty and petulant brat. as for fox news, I trust them as far as I can throw them…not at all

  13. Fox needs to clean house , they need to understand that people started watching them because we was getting and more honest news. Then something happened, but Chris Wallace ( wasn’t the only rotten apple) not that it’s not obvious that he’s a Democrat. That I don’t care about. I care every much about the truth. But for some reason he started lying. So does Juan William . It just so in your face obvious. Doesn’t anyone remember that the truth will set you free and it’s real easy to remember the truth. That all I want from the News. Not Real crazy about everybody else’s opinion.

  14. Chris you may have called it the way you saw it, but the viewers make the ultimate decision. They call it the way they see it. You are a shill for the left and you & FOX are bending left to appease Soros and Ryan. If every State Media station is the same, why do we need another called FOX? It’s better for us to get trusted news from OANN or Newsmax or EPOCH.

  15. I stop watching Fox on election night. I watched it all day long and night. Now there just about 4 or 5 shows I watch and I wish those people would move over to newsmax or oan…fox won’t get me back all day and night. That is why their ratings are tanking and I am so glad.

  16. I watch Newsmax, OAN 99.9% of the time know. I watch Fox Business off and on a few minutes at a time to check the market Monday- Friday.

  17. Agree with all the above posts. Murdoch should NOT have trusted his sons to take over, that started the downfall of fox. Juan Williams, Wallace and Ryan need their walking papers as well, because they are driving the nails into the coffin of Fox. There are better people out ther you can hire, and—- send brazile packing too. Save your company!

  18. I absolutely hate the way that the reading on here gets constantly interrupted by other news & subjects – often not even related news.
    It is VERY frustrating to be reading & then something pops up & interrupts what I’m reading
    and isn’t even related in any way. So, so frustrating- & has been for way too long.
    I finally decided to let you know & hope that
    maybe, just maybe you might try a different format !!! If not, I may delete this site!!

    1. Nancy, Many many articles don’t let you “comment” at all or reject your post cause they are “corrupt biased sites” and anti- Trump haters!! So when opportunity allow you to post, so you post to let your awareness to this article as well as the other posts that don’t allow you to comment!! Please forgive us, it’s only way to respond to the weak other sites!!

  19. Last program I watched on fox was the Presidentual debate!! When Wallace is terminated, maybe will try watching again, maybe not!!

  20. What a disappointment Fox News has been. I used to watch it all day. I won’t touch it now. The first thing you need to remember is to never stab your fans in their back. There was a reason we were watching. We put up with some of your liberals for the rest of the shows but when Chris Wallace moderated the debate and stirewalt did his stupid move then I could no longer put up with Juan Williams, Donna, etc. They have been so ridiculous for years. And what a turncoat traitor Paul Ryan is. Just like his running mate Mitt Romney. Fox did one good thing when they got rid of Shepherd Smith. Pathetic. There will have to be a major overhaul for me to come back. At least I’m getting the truth from OAN and Newsmax.

  21. I used be a fan of Fox, no more. I do still watch a few like Hannity, Carlson, Hilton , Judge Jeanine. Too many “foxes” in the henhouse! I have gone to Newsmax am pleased with their coverage.

  22. Fox News, no way would I watch it again and it wasn’t the election that did it. It’s their news platform that lost my viewership. With the likes of Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, and others it became a fake news network. Options I understand but I don’t need options viewing news, I need real news. I watch CNN and MSNBC not Fox News if I want options. Newsmax and OAN’s are the networks that provide both sides of the story just like the “Fair and Balance” network that Fox was. I enjoyed watching Trucker, Lou, Sean, Laura, etc., etc., but not anymore because of the changes Fox made regarding their news platform. It changed from a “Fair and Balance” concept to an option/news network. Like many others, I do have the ability to think on my own and develop my own thoughts based on what I considered common sense, I don’t need the likes of Fox, NBC, CBS, to direct me to their way of thinking.

  23. All of fox news is nothing more than fake news. I do not trust tucker,shawn, or laura. Stopped watching fox after the election.

  24. How about we start a riot scoreboard? So far it’s terrorist Democrats thousands, Republicans part of one. We’ll have to work really hard to catch up.

  25. I do still watch a few on FOX, however the early call on Arizona did aggitate me. But, even more than that was the Debate with Chris Wallace. It was plain as the nose on your face that Wallace was in Bidens pocket. There was so many questions that should of and could have been asked and he didn’t. He protected Biden and he knows it. Trump would bring them up and Wallace would intervein and/or talk over Trump. At the end Wallace and his Uncle Joe had a smiling coversation. Chris Wallace should of been and still should be fired for being bias toward Biden. When the debate was over, that’s when I realized FOX had turned more liberal.

  26. We used to watch faeknews/fox news..but election night changed that! They flipped and yiu only get one chance…you blew it!!

  27. Former Fox fan
    Used to watch Fox morning to midnight every day.
    They shifted left and the idiots like Stirewalt, Williams. Wallace and Cavuto are sickening.
    Wish Hannity, Carlson, Gutfeld, Pirro, Ingram and Watters would bail from Fox and move to Newsmax.

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