Former FBI agent G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame dies at 90

Former undercover operative-turned conservative radio host, G. Gordon Liddy, died on Tuesday at his daughter’s home in Fairfax County, VA at the age of 90, according to The Washington Post

Liddy was best known as the operative who was caught during the Watergate break-in on behalf of former President Richard M. Nixon. 

“A theatrical personality whose event-filled career included more twists and turns than a fictional potboiler, Mr. Liddy was at various times an FBI agent, jailbird, radio talk-show host, best-selling author, candidate for Congress, actor and promoter of gold investments,” the Post’s Michael Dobbs said of the late notorious figure. 

While Liddy was seen as driven, ruthless, and fiercely loyal to Nixon, at the end of his government career it was his “ends-justify-the-means” attitude toward politics that ended in his incarceration

According to the Post’s assessment of Liddy, he was regarded by his superiors as “a little nuts” and possibly too cozy with a high risk v. reward lifestyle: 

“I mean, he just isn’t well screwed on, is he?” the former president complained to chief of staff H.R. Haldeman a week after the break-in according to the Post.

For his part though, Liddy made no bones about being at fault for the Nixon/Watergate scandal saying that he was “the captain of the ship when she hit the reef.” 

“If someone wants to shoot me, just tell me what corner to stand on, and I will be there,” he reportedly told presidential counsel John Dean.

Those who knew him best have already begun to mourn the late FBI agent who famously said of the Watergate fiasco, “I’d do it again for my president.”

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    1. I appreciated G Gordon Liddy. While a bit of a rogue, he had more ba**s than a billiard table and was “tough as nails”. He had more courage and fortitude than most men of the day. Some of his decisions may not have been the best, but by gum, he had the courage of his convictions. Not everyone can make that statement.

    2. Hey, if you are dumb enough to think the Republican’s were the only one spying, you are going to thinnk Biden is the best thing for America sense Bake bread!!!!!

      The Democrat’s hired better people, they didn’t get caught. Period!!!

  1. There always seems to be a different law for Republicans. The democRATS never have to go to trial.

  2. He was always a character but Watergate was no worse than the crap pulled by most of the politicians over time with the lobbyist bribery, and self serving bs.
    If they’re not rich when elected, they will be after a term or they won’t be reelected.
    At any rate, Rest In Peace G.Gordon!

  3. We will all go to our graves. No one escapes from that.

    Parler is a fake. Beware. They will kick you out if you speak ill against the Satanic Left.

  4. I don’t remember much about Watergate. Howver, I am tired of the site’s overly dramatic subject lines, deliberately worded to make us think something terrible has happened – something to do with today’s well deserved conservative’s concern about the state of our country. Seriously, who is STUNNED about the non-dramatic death of a 90 year old? May he rest in peace.

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