Former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant Hayes Grier arrested on assault, robbery charges

Internet star and former contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars Hayes Grier was arrested Friday in North Carolina on charges stemming from an assault in which he allegedly also stole his victim’s phone, as Fox News reports.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Grier, who is also the brother of NFL backup quarterback Will Grier, was taken into custody in Mecklenburg County after warrants were issued to extradite him from California, where the social media influencer owns a home.

Grier was charged with assault resulting in serious bodily injury, common law robbery, and felony conspiracy, according to TMZ, stemming from an incident in which victim William Markoff was allegedly beaten so severely that he was left with brain damage, bruised ribs, a broken eye socket, loss of hearing, and other injuries.

According to reports, not only is Grier suspected of inflicting the beating on Markoff, it is also alleged that after the brutal encounter, he also stole his victim’s phone, valued at $1,200.

Grier’s fame first developed due to his prolific postings on now-defunct social media video posting platform Vine, on which he made a name for himself together with older brother Nash Grier.

The online star’s social media presence has also grown to include nearly 900,000 followers on YouTube and 5.6 million on Instagram, as the Observer noted.

Back in 2015, Grier performed as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars at the young age of 15, making him the youngest male ever to compete in the show’s history. He achieved sufficient success in the weekly dance-offs to reach week seven, at which point he was eliminated from the contest.

Page Six reported that Grier posted bail, reportedly in the amount of $17,500, not long after being taken into custody and was slated to appear before a judge early Monday morning.

Though a motive for the alleged incident and the nature of the accused co-conspirator’s involvement remains unclear, hopefully justice will be done in this case without regard for the celebrity status of the accused.


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