Former CNN producer arrested on child sex trafficking charges makes pedo friend in prison

Former CNN producer John Griffin, who’s been behind bars at the Cheshire County Jail in Keene, New Hampshire after being arrested last year on child sex trafficking charges, has apparently made a best buddy inside with whom he shares common interests.

According to Fox News, a 44-year-old father of three who lost his high-profile job and his wife after his arrest, has reportedly befriended a creepy man called Jessy Webster, 27, who was convicted of second-degree assault for allegedly giving his 6-year-old daughter herpes.

A former inmate at the same prison, who asked to remain anonymous, revealed the two’s budding friendship, saying, “He and Jessy were best friends. They hung out all day and night and played scrabble.”

Notably, the unnamed inmate also revealed that Griffin’s story to fellow convicts as to why he’s doing time is a falsehood about being locked up for possessing 10 kilos of cocaine.

“I took one look at the guy and realized he was not in there for cocaine,” the inmate said. “He just looks like a pedophile.” Fox noted that a correctional officer eventually told the unnamed inmate the true nature of why Griffin was doing time.

The inmate continued describing his experiencing meeting Griffin, saying, “He’s like really awkwardly weird. He liked to go up to people and fist bump them,” adding, “He’d take his headphones out and try to share his music with everybody. He put his headphones in my ear. It was like granola reggae.”

Griffin and Webster reportedly grew so close that before Webster was ordered to be transferred, Griffin made him what was described as an extravagant meal from prison canteen food.

Knowing what we all know now about Griffin, it’s truly a miracle that this weirdo creep was taken off the streets when he was, as there’s simply no telling how many more victims he might have pursued.