Forbes publishes list of high-earning, unvaccinated professional athletes

Despite mounting evidence casting doubt on the effectiveness of currently available COVID-19 vaccines against viral spread, Democrats – including a left-leaning journalist at Forbes, have taken it upon themselves to publicly call out high-profile individuals in the world of sports who have stood firm in their convictions and declined the jabs.

The outlet’s Derek Saul begins a recent piece highlighting a small pocket of vaccine non-compliance among top-tier professional athletes by noting the fact that, by and large, such individuals have been readily accepting of the shots since their roll-out.

Saul goes on to point out that 74% of those appearing on the magazine’s “Highest-Paid Athletes” list have declared themselves to be vaccinated, though he laments the fact that their colleagues who have not followed suit have “dominated the discussion.”

Topping the author’s list of recalcitrant athletes who did not toe the party line on vaccines is professional basketball standout Kyrie Irving, who took a principled stand against forced jabs and, as a result, had to miss the initial two months of the league’s season, but has since returned to the team on a part-time basis.

Next up on the Forbes naughty list is professional tennis great Novak Djokovic who made it clear in the early weeks of the pandemic that he was “opposed to vaccination” and was unlikely to submit to forced shots, something which has placed his participation in the upcoming Australian Open in doubt.

Ultimate fighter Conor McGregor was also singled out for thinly-veiled scorn over his uncertain vaccination status, with the article’s author citing the athlete’s prior statements likening mandated jabs to “a war crime.”

The piece goes on to list a number of other top-earning athletes who have neither publicized their decisions on vaccination, nor responded to a Forbes request for comment, including Tiger Woods, Deshaun Watson, Paul Pogba, and Canelo Alvarez.

In a particularly grating paragraph, aptly titled “Tangent,” Saul discusses the case of Green Bay Packers standout Aaron Rodgers, someone who has courted mainstream media controversy over his unwavering position against vaccine mandates, but who, as the author admits, did not appear on the “Highest-Paid Athletes” list that was purportedly the springboard for the entire article.

Clearly, Saul’s intention was not to link earning status with vaccine acceptance, but instead to publicly shame athletes who have dared buck the liberal orthodoxy, and given the massive numbers of fully vaccinated – yet COVID-positive – players in all disciplines who are currently sitting out due to mitigation protocols, the distinction between jabbed and unjabbed is rapidly losing its significance, anyway.