For second week, college football fans break out in chants of ‘F*** Joe Biden’

When former President Donald Trump was in office, fans at a number of different sporting events, including football, praised the president with patriotic chants of support.

But according to Breitbart, President Joe Biden is not receiving the same warm welcome, as for the second straight week at several college football games, fans in stands began chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” 

The disparaging chants, which were seen and heard at multiple college football games during week one of the season, continued in week two. It should be noted that it wasn’t simply a few fans, as multiple videos on social media clearly show hundreds of fans simultaneously expressing their disapproval of the 46th president.

In the video below, you can clearly hear the chant breaking out at a Tennessee Volunteers game on Saturday. Obviously, be warned of the language.

While it’s unclear exactly why the chanting fans are upset with Biden, it’s not a stretch to presume that it might have something to do with his disastrously Afghanistan situation, rising costs of gas and grocery prices, upcoming tax hikes, the immigration situation at the U.S. border, and a very long and unfortunate list of other issues caused by the Biden administration.

As Breitbart noted, Donald Trump Jr. was asked about the chants in a recent interview with the Daily Caller. Trump Jr. made clear that Biden’s lack of leadership and overall failure as a president in his first year has very much been noticed by younger Americans.

“You look to the border, then you look to inflation and the economy, then you look to all of these things, and then the way they talk down to you, whether it was yesterday, you know, Joe Biden angry screaming at you. People are seeing it,” Trump Jr. said.

The former president’s son added: “The media, even with their best effort cannot cover up this level of incompetence, this trampling of our basic American and fundamental rights. They’re seeing it, you can’t hide from it.”