Florida Supreme Court hands DeSantis and GOP a huge congressional map win

Republicans are already looking pristine heading into the November midterms, with political pundits on both sides of the aisle essentially predicting not just a red wave, but a red tsunami to wash across the vast majority of the country.

However, Republicans in the increasingly red state of Florida just received the best news of all after the Florida Supreme Court refused to reject new congressional maps that give the GOP a clear edge in the state in the upcoming election, creating four new GOP-leaning districts. 

Left-leaning outlets, unsurprisingly, made the issue about race.

“Florida’s Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a request for a hearing over the state’s controversial new congressional map that eliminates a majority Black district, putting an end—for now—to one of the most high-profile redistricting challenges heading into the midterms,” Forbes reported.

The outlet added: “Leon County Circuit Judge Layne Smith issued an injunction last month blocking the map, ruling the proposal to move the 5th Congressional District out of a majority Black region of north Florida violated the Fair Districts Amendments of the state constitution. A state appellate court quickly moved to overturn the injunction, a decision the state Supreme Court chose to uphold.”

Democrats on social media were quick to cry “Black voter suppression,” which has become a predictable — and false — war cry when they don’t get their way.

Conservatives, on the other hand, cheered the move.