Florida man arrested for making repeated calls to 911, demanding Biden be jailed

In a bizarre story out of Florida, a 29-year-old man from Pinellas County found himself being taken to jail after repeatedly calling 911 to insist that President Joe Biden needed to be incarcerated, as Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA reports.

It was last Sunday that Jacob Philbeck of Palm Harbor got into a bit of trouble for placing multiple calls to law enforcement dispatchers in which he made some rather unusual demands.

According to a report documenting the arrest, Philbeck declared in a series of contacts with 911 that “[convicted drug kingpin] El Chapo needed to be freed from prison and President Biden needed to be placed in prison.”

At some point during the repeated exchanges, as the Tampa Free Press noted, Philbeck was instructed to stop calling 911, given that it was not intended for the handling of non-emergency and non-criminal situations.

However, Philbeck did not comply with that request, called again, and tried to address “the exact same issue,” according to the arrest report.

Deputies were ultimately sent to Philbeck’s Palm Harbor home, where they asked why he contacted 911 for a concern that was not emergency in nature, to which he simply reiterated his earlier contentions about El Chapo and Biden.

That is when Philbeck was arrested for misuse of a wireless 911 system and taken into custody, according to WFLA.

It was not long before Philbeck was released on a $150 bond, as the Free Press noted, and documents associated with the case suggested that alcohol may have been a factor in the conduct at issue.

Though Philbeck is surely not the only American citizen to believe the Biden has committed offenses perhaps worthy of incarceration, he hopefully now understands – with the clarity that reclaimed sobriety tends to produce – that clogging up local emergency response systems is not the best way to go about expressing such an opinion.