Florida man arrested, charged with threatening Rep. Lauren Boebert’s life

A Florida man has been charged with threatening the life of Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert in a series of social media posts last year.

“Matthew Lee Comiskey of Palm Beach County Florida is facing five counts of ‘Interstate Threat,’ for posts sent during September 2021,” Fox News reported.

“His indictment, dated May 26, was under seal until Friday, due to the fact Comiskey had not yet been arrested. Then Friday, the Justice Department moved to unseal the case ‘due to the arrest of the defendant,'” the outlet added.

The federal indictment revealed the content of the posts that Comiskey allegedly wrote.

“If I ever see Lauren I’d be glad to take her out and go to prison. Would be job well done,” one of the posts read, according to court documents.

In another, he allegedly called for Boebert to be “put down.”

“Someone needs to put Lauren down like a sick dog. She is a true waste of life! Someone exercise their second amendment right to her face! Since the [CIA] is a failure and [FBI] is incompetent at charging her for being a terrorist it’s time to do it ourselves! Pew pew Lauren,” the post read, authorities said.

That wasn’t the only time Comiskey allegedly referenced the Second Amendment.

“Don’t worry Lauren, someone is coming soon to show your face the 2nd amendment in practice with a copper jacket. Enjoy,” he allegedly wrote.

Another post referenced in the indictment appeared to call for Boebert to be shot in front of her children.

“”I got my 2 amendment tool all ready to destroy Lauren’s face! Hopefully in front of her kids,” that post allegedly read.

According to The Guardian, Comiskey’s bond was set at $50,000, and his arraignment in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida was scheduled for June 8.

“I’m thankful for the professional and effective work of the Capitol Police and the FBI,” Boebert said in a statement to Fox. “These threats will not deter me from my work to effectively represent the 3rd District of Colorado and secure the rights of the American people.”