Florida legislators pass election integrity bill supported by Gov. Ron DeSantis

Amid a growing push in states across the country to tighten election security, legislators in Florida have just passed a bill designed to limit the availability of mail-in voting, curtail ballot harvesting, and strengthen voter ID rules, much to the consternation of the left, as Breitbart reports.

Florida’s omnibus election bill secured passage in the state Senate by a vote of 23-17 and in the House by a margin of 77-40. Now the bill will make its way to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is expected to sign it into law, as ABC News noted.

Among the key provisions in the legislation are those prohibiting localities from using outside funding for election-related costs and also from sending out unsolicited ballots. The customary no-solicitation zone surrounding polling places will be extended by 50 feet, and new voter identification rules will be implemented for the process of updating voter registration records and requesting a mail-in ballot.

In addition, the law would permit counties to start canvassing mailed-in ballots earlier in the run-up to Election Day, and it also would establish a state-administered “live turnout data” dashboard to tighten ballot processing procedures and timelines.

Of particular interest, given the significant controversy in numerous states regarding election oversight during the 2020 presidential contest, the Florida bill affords political parties, poll watchers, and others greater access to voting and ballot tabulation processes and materials, according to ABC News.

Back in February, DeSantis touted the type of reforms contained in the bill, explaining that while “last November, Florida held the smoothest, most successful election of any state in the country,” the state “should not rest on [its] laurels,” and that by bolstering election integrity safeguards, the Sunshine State would “ensure that [its] elections remain secure and transparent, and that Florida’s electoral process remains a blueprint for other states to follow.”

As Breitbart noted, advocacy group Heritage Action, known for defending similar initiatives in states including Georgia, hailed the legislative development as representative of “a historic day for the Sunshine State” and described the bill as containing “numerous provisions to protect the votes of Floridians” that will make it “easy to vote and hard to cheat in Florida.”

Not surprisingly, however, liberal activists have wasted no time in decrying the bill, with Democrat state Rep. Omari Hardy calling it the “revival of Jim Crow in this state,” and liberal operative Marc Elias as already guaranteed that litigation will follow should Gov. DeSantis enact the legislation as expected, according to ABC News.

Given the unrestrained progressive outrage over the passage of Georgia’s election integrity law that gave rise to corporate boycotts and hyperbolic, racialized pronouncements from President Joe Biden himself, Elias’ promise of a fight in Florida will, sadly, likely come to pass.