Florida Gov. DeSantis declares state of emergency over threat of reservoir collapse

A rumored contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination has been facing a serious crisis in his home state the past few days that is threatening the health, safety, and property of hundreds, and which is putting his leadership and emergency response skills to the test.

As the Daily Wire reports, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R ) saw fit to declare a state of emergency for Manatee County on Saturday following a toxic water breach from the Piney Point reservoir situated south of Tampa in a situation that officials say poses “imminent hazard” to at least 300 nearby homes.

Saturday also saw the issuance of an evacuation order for families from at least 316 homes deemed in the path of what could develop into a “real catastrophic flood situation,” according to NBC News. The Piney Point reservoir is said to contain a mix of fresh water, salt water, wastewater, as well as fertilizer runoff, and though there were early concerns that the waters could be radioactive due to the reservoir’s location in a stack of phosphogypsum a byproduct of fertilizer manufacturing, DeSantis announced on Sunday that this is not the case.

The trouble arose when a portion of the reservoir’s retaining wall structure shifted, placing the entire system at risk of total collapse, something that could potentially release 600 million gallons of water from the retention pool, in mere minutes, as public safety officials in Manatee County warned.

The Daily Wire noted that work crews are pumping massive amounts of water in an attempt to lower the pressure at the site of the breach, but some models are predicting that a “20-foot wall of water” could come gushing out at the site if current efforts to divert water out of the reservoir are not successful in time.

In response to the escalating situation Gov. DeSantis on Saturday announced his emergency declaration for Manatee County, which he said was designed “to ensure resources are allocated for necessary response & recovery.” The governor’s Twitter account also featured a photo of a helicopter survey of the affected area he took with county officials that day and pointed Floridians to resources for updates and local safety alerts.

The damage potential of the reservoir breach is clearly quite serious, as evidenced by the governor’s decisive steps to marshal critical resources, and very real concern was expressed by Justin Bloom of Sarasota-based nonprofit Suncoast Waterkeeper who said, according to NBC News, “We hope the contamination is not as bad as we fear, but are preparing for significant damage to Tampa Bay and the communities that rely on this precious resource.

While residents near the Piney Point reservoir await the outcome of this terrifying scenario, Americans everywhere are praying that the emergency mitigation strategies currently underway can greatly minimize the destruction during what is already such a trying time for so many.

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  1. Not being a geologist or a hydaulic expert, I cannot begin to diagnose this tradgedy. I can say that it is a warning to us all of the need for infrastructure upgrading and or repair. It should cause the current administration to adjust his expenditures in his new bill to the infrastructure, not Dem’s pet projects. Nor should any monies be spent outside of the fify states and the protectorates. Let’s take care of our business in our home.

    1. Well said. Unfortunately Politicians are brain-dead and won’t do anything to help Americans. Pet projects to pay back there big political donors. The rest can go pound sand – plain & simple.

    2. Prayers for Florida and their people. This is very serious and I pray everyone stays safe and healthy.

      1. AS I do as well Colleen. I have friends that live north of that area. I pray that they are safe from any catastrophy that happens along the west coast of Fla.

  2. I agree Louis O Napier, We are these people that is suppose to have so much empathy? This 2 Trillion Bill is a joke and now they want to pay for teachers to have day care for their kids, how about all the working mom’s and dads that could use the help. Stop what you’re doing in the name of us.

  3. Where’s the Federal response? Oh, that’s right…it’s a red state so let them handle it themselves, we’re too busy watching out for the border invaders and their welfare to concern ourselves with people who voted against the blue wave. Grrrr!

    1. John john It already has. Their supporters will never see the damage they do until everything comes crashing down, which will be too late.

  4. What a joke…. Pic of Sleepy (looks several years old/ago) asking what his (Speely’s) “rescue plan has done for me??” No freeform allowed> Wants DONATIONS to the criminal demoncRATs!!

    This has to be Obamas’ doing…. of course Barrie the Kenyan Prince will deny doing anything! All the Prws and his @[email protected]#@sidekick have done so far is DESTROY what it took 4 years to rebuild after 8 years of Sleepy and The Kenyan! But that was the plan all along wasn’t it? Destroy, destroy, destroy!

    1. The Democrat Party is the last refuge of the petit esprit! That should send to the dictionary.

  5. Well at lest the governor is trying to help get the people out koi harms way, better than having the dam bust and then have to rescue people

  6. Have the damned companies who did that pay for the clean up. What ever it takes to fix can come out of their profits and savings of the criminal executives who knew there would be some huge problems in future years from their greed says:

    How about the greedy execs and officers of those companies who did the damage now happening, pay for the clean up. Their greed created the problem, how about the lawyers, judges take a stand and make them pay for fixing the problem they caused and had to realize way back that there would eventually be a cleanup problem. Greed exposed.

  7. The rich and powerful seldom pay for their crimes.
    The ‘infrastructure’ bill calls for repair/replacement of 20,000 miles of roads. We have 600 million miles of roads. Convince me any of those 20,000 miles are in red states.

    1. Estimates show under 7% of this bill will go toward infrastructure. As with the previous bills under 9% went to the American people, our taxpayer money and all they decided to print devaluing our dollar further is going to their pet projects, offshore, illegal aliens, and programs previously ended that Biden or whoever is actually running the country decided to rejoin with NO objections from the Democrats. No doubt into the pockets of many that are to be working for Americans which this party is known to forget.

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