Florida Democrat running for governor insists there is no ‘sex tape’ of her

Nikki Fried (D), the current Florida commissioner of agriculture who happens to be mounting a run to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for the governor’s mansion later this year, made a totally bizarre and odd statement recently that has everyone talking.

According to the Washington Examiner, in what seemed to be a completely random, context-free tweet, Fried assured her followers, and anyone else reading, that she does not have a “sex tape.” The bizarre part is that nobody in the media or otherwise had even questioned her about such a tape, or even remotely mentioned it. 

“It’s absurd that I have to dignify this, but there is no sex tape,” Fried tweeted Friday, leaving readers scratching their heads. “Sorry to disappoint. Also sorry basically every successful woman has to deal with these types of rumors.”

However, those within the business interpreted the tweet as something totally different — strategy. Some believe Fried published the tweet to gain earned media coverage, which certainly worked to some degree.

It would definitely make sense, though it’s classless, for Fried to attempt to kick off such a rumor to get some media traction, as she has previously been torched over humiliatingly small turnouts at her various rallies, which barely manage to pull in more than a handful of supporters.

It’s also beyond strange that Fried would have the audacity to spend even a single donated campaign dollar to make a run against DeSantis, who’s literally the most popular governor in America and who has vast support among Florida voters from all demographics.

“There’s also no allegations of a sex tape. No one is disappointed,” radio host Derek Hunter tweeted. “Just like your ‘press conferences,’ no one would want to see it if were real. This is a pathetic attempt to get publicity, even for her.”

Fried refused to speak publicly about the tweet, and her office, so far, has refused to comment to the Examiner.