Florida Democrat manages to win state House nomination by a five-vote margin

It’s not unusual in most election cycles to see a razor-thin race, but a recent showdown for the Democratic nomination in Florida’s 20th Congressional District might have just taken the cake.

According to the Washington Examiner, healthcare CEO Cherfilus-McCormick managed to beat her opponent, Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness by a mere five votes, which is especially significant given that there were over 49,000 votes cast in the special election.

The final result came after an earlier count of the votes left the race far too close to declare a winner.

Upon the announcement of the staggeringly close race, Cherfilus-McCormick took to Twitter to announce her historic win, telling her followers that she’s “proud” to be the 20th Congressional District’s official nominee for the upcoming election.

Unsurprisingly, the final outcome didn’t come without controversy, as it was reported that Cherfilus-McCormick requested that a Broward County judge block three incoming mail-in ballots, citing “improprieties” with the voters’ signatures, which is especially rich coming from a Democrat.

Her opponent, Holness, is still interested, for obvious reasons, in having those votes counted, along with potentially more mail-in votes, which could’ve been cast by members of the military.

“We don’t know exactly where they are. We should give our military personnel and their dependents who serve our country the benefit of the doubt rather than doubt them,” Holness said. “They put a request in to have a vote-by-mail ballot. There is a reason they did it.”

Should she maintain her status as the nominee in the heavily-Democratic district, her Republican opponent, Jason Mariner, has not only that disadvantage, but he has also raised questions about his eligibility to run after being incarcerated for charges including “felony theft, burglary, cocaine possession, obstruction and violently resisting arrest.”